Hosted VoIP

Complete On-Premise VoIP Service / Software Based Hosted PBX Systems:

The easy-to-manage, feature-rich VoIP phone systems we sell, service, deploy, and support offer functionality, flexibility, and cost savings as well as advanced features that substantially improve productivity. We work with your in-house experts to setup an on-premise or software based hosted PBX system that stays up-to-date and meets the changing needs of your business. We work with you to implement a total voice system that connects your offices and teams with the same crystal clear messaging and exemplary customer service you experience when you call us – because we offer what we use and approve.

Hosted VoIP:

The most cost effective and flexible cloud based solution to replace your traditional phone system and manage your business communications is dedicated hosted VoIP. It’s an easy transition to our network with no capital investment needed upfront and our network specialists to manage your business communications platform. We handle the hassles of system configuration, new account setup, features management, and applications integration to create a customized voice network. Universal access to voicemail, fax, and instant messaging functions are simplified and these improvements are heard in the office or on the road. Cut through the disruptions and create a voice system that speaks to you and connects your business.

Service and Support Offerings:

RDI is experienced in managing and supporting various VoIP systems, including Cisco and Interactive Intelligence. We provide Move-Add-Change (MAC) as well as diagnostic and call quality related services. Training, support, and complete system replacements or migrations are available VoIP services and we also offer custom call center integration services