Disaster Recovery Services

The increasing reliance on business systems and data, as well as strict regulatory compliance issues, continue to drive the need for faultless disaster recovery, as well as data backup and recovery. Our engineers work with you to determine recovery time and recovery point objectives for your environment and structure their recommendations accordingly. Ongoing reviews ensure that our planning reflects changes and growth in your business systems without the costly investment in hardware and human resources.

With data center facilities in several metro areas to ensure you are able to resume critical business operations rapidly, without compromising data integrity or applications availability. Our disaster recovery capabilities include:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Data backup or replication
  • Data recovery
  • Off-site data protection
  • Ongoing plan audits

Don’t leave your business to chance – ensure your critical operating systems can recover in the event of a disaster, power outage or system failure.

Cost-Effectively Assess, Plan and Implement a Disaster Recovery Solution

As more healthcare organizations transition to fully electronic records, instant access to critical medical records and images at any time is imperative, especially, during a disaster. DR solutions must also meet the performance, flexibility, scalability, legal and compliance requirements of the healthcare industry. RDI has developed a deep understanding of these challenges. That’s why we give you DR solutions-plus more than a decade of experience and expertise-that ensure your data is there when you need it should an outage or disaster occur.

And, we offer you more than just DR solutions. You’ll get DR assessment, planning and implementation support as well as the option to leverage our DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) option, which enables you to shift your recovery costs from a capital expense to an operational expense. We can also offer data center assessments, hosting in our facilities, and have partnered with shared data centers, such as Bend Broadband, to help health systems build award-winning shared data centers.

Let us work with you to create your ideal DR solution and help you realize:

  • Centralized management of your DR process
  • Improved productivity with reliable data access across your organization
  • Higher availability
  • Physical media access optimized for energy efficiency
  • Disaster avoidance and data protection