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According to the FBI Cyber Threats will result in a loss of 1.2 Billion Dollars to organizations in 2016.

Cyber Phishing is when someone sends an email impersonating a legitimate employee from an organization or is a request for information. Once opened, your data and client's data is at risk of being stolen or held hostage.

This social engineering attack is different than traditional SPAM. Traditional SPAM is sent from a bulk emailing server and is often stopped by utilizing key words, sender reputation scores or a mail transfer agent. Did you know that emails in the pharmacy industry advertising prescription drugs, etc., account for roughly 81% of SPAM messages and only 2.3% are phishing scams? In order for Phishing Scams to be successful, they must reach their target. According to the FBI, Spear Phishing will result in a loss of 1.2 billion dollars to organizations in 2016. Spear Phishing is more of a targeted approach and is often targeted at a specific industry, organization or person. Security awareness and the proper tools can protect your organization from a cyber crime. Give us a call today!

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