Kassandra Cordray

October 6, 1992 - February 9, 2024

When Kassandra joined our RDI family back in 2013, it felt like she’d been with us all along. From her first day, jumping right in on the phones, to her time leading as a PM, she was the spark of joy and brilliance we didn’t know we were missing. Kassandra had this way of lighting up the room with her smile and that unique, goofy humor of hers — she made friends out of us all in no time.

She wasn’t just about getting the job done; Kassandra lived her life and led our team with a heart full of integrity and an insatiable curiosity to learn more, do better. To us, she was more than a coworker; Kassandra was the glue that held us together, teaching us that leadership isn’t just about guiding others but inspiring them by being genuinely you.

In February, we faced the unimaginable loss of Kassandra. It’s left a void in our hearts and our team that’s hard to describe. We’ve put together a tribute video for Kass, a way to hold onto the warmth and light she brought into our lives. When you have a moment, give it a watch. It’s a powerful reminder of the daily impact Kassandra had on us all and the lasting legacy of kindness and laughter she leaves behind. She was a true friend and an inspiring leader, and we’ll always carry her memory.

We invite you to share your favorite memory of Kassandra with us.

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