CINCINNATI – October 20, 2017 – RDI Corporation, a world-class provider of innovative business solutions, announced today the purchase of Columbus, OH-based cloud and managed IT services providers Virtual Office Systems (VOS) and ComputerSmith, which are sister companies under one ownership umbrella.
Virtual Office Systems (VOS) offers private, public, and hybrid cloud-based hosting to more than 800 clients throughout North America. “Cloud computing offers so many strategic advantages and RDI has been searching for the right fit in the cloud space, which we found with VOS. Regardless of platform or application, VOS can host it and manage it 24/7 in a hardened, secure environment,” said RDI CEO, Bronson Trebbi. "In the coaching profession, you often hear coaches mention that 'speed kills', which is also true for businesses. Cloud computing allows an organization to move faster than their competitors when rolling out new business applications, connecting with their employees and clients, adding flexibility on capital structure, and being nimbler than their competition," Trebbi said.
Beyond the aspect of speed, RDI likes the reliability of doing business in the cloud. “When you consider the terrible hurricane damage in Florida and the fact that many businesses with premise-based solutions were left without the ability to function because their systems were down, cloud-based solutions make even more sense,” said Dan Baker, RDI's Senior Vice President for Client Development. “If those businesses were hosted in the cloud, they could work from anywhere with an internet connection. Businesses simply cannot afford to be down and that’s one of the key benefits to working with a company like VOS.”
ComputerSmith has been providing proactive managed IT and project-based services for over 25 years throughout the states of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana. ComputerSmith provides 24/7 network monitoring, remediation, and onsite support services as well as a full suite of project-based solutions around Skype for Business, hardware, software, and cyber-security offerings.
“RDI and ComputerSmith align in several ways; RDI expands our ‘boots on the ground’ in Columbus, where we already support several high-profile clients. Both companies are creative, energetic, and engulf ourselves in our clients' businesses,” said Trebbi. “The fact that ComputerSmith still supports their very first client from 1992 is a testament to their reliability and displays their ability to keep up with the speed at which technology changes. Through this acquisition, we double our physical presence in the Columbus area, which has long been a surging market for business. Technology is a weapon that can be used to beat the competition. We want our clients to win and we arm them with the best means to do so."
In the acquisition RDI collects the entirety of VOS and ComputerSmith technological assets, clients, and employees, including the founder/CEO Frank Hennebert, and Senior VP John Morrison who will both stay on board into the future. All current members of ComputerSmith and VOS will work within the 'RDI Intuitive' (managed IT) division, a transition that should be seamless given the strong similarity in the mission and values shared by RDI and VOS/ComputerSmith.