RDI Marketing
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[ Culture ]

We foster a working culture that is unparalleled in the industry. We embrace the fact that each call center agent is a unique individual with a unique personality.

At each level of our organization, RDI uses a consultative and personal approach to managing the customer experience. We extract and analyze customer insight to guide our customer interactions, which helps us realize greater levels of success for our clients.


When you visit one of RDI's locations you experience something different than what you're used to. Each site holds 50 to 250 workstations, with a 12:1 representative-to-supervisor ratio. We believe competition drives success. This arrangement creates an intimate work environment that is competitive, yet team-oriented.

[ Client Services ]

We have a Client Services team that is
focused on Winning with you...

Our account managers are loyal, effective, and an intelligent extension of your business. "Winning Smart" reflects a remarkable passion for detail, which enhances your customer retention because your customers will feel our passion for your brand. For nearly 40 years, this combination of attracting and developing competitive-minded employees at all levels has set us apart.

RDI brings the enthusiasm to project leadership which drives the team's commitment to successful engagements, even with the game on the line. Our project leaders do what they say and meet timelines ahead of schedule below the budget.


The implementation process is tightly managed as a comprehensive project plan:

  • Every movement is calculated and carried out.
  • We outline, coordinate, and detail all task deliverables, milestone dates and resource allocation.
  • Each implementation is managed and coordinated by an assigned implementation manager.
  • Throughout the implementation process, we closely track each step and challenge the timelines to exceed client goals.

RDI carefully matches each client with a project management team.

Team members have background and expertise that match the business of our client, which enhances the success of a client's project. The winning results speak for themselves.

[ Technology ]

We invest in the best the industry has to offer.

RDI's technology infrastructure consists of a set of custom-developed, interactive functions that work together to make each of our call centers run efficiently and reliably. The framework of our infrastructure is a customized suite of hardware and software called Customer Interaction Center (CIC), which was developed by the award-winning technology provider, Interactive Intelligence, Inc. ("I3").

  • Local Touch Caller ID for Outbound Calling = 30% more contacts per hour
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Blending = Our customers getting the maximum return on every dollar
  • Customizable Skills Based Routing.
  • Robust Automated IVR

interactive intelligence


Better WFM means better customer experience AND more money back in your pocket.


Factor multiple methodologies, contact channels, departments and skills
types into your forecasts and schedules.


Real-time visibility into service queues and employee adherence so you
can take early action to solve issues


Simple end-user interfaces and tools to ensure employees own their schedules
and performance - requesting time-off, trading shifts and sharing ideas
[ Quality Assurance ]
Our QA team has your back.
We've been listening to calls since 1978

RDI's philosophy is simple... there's no quality action without Interaction. Quality Assurance works directly with Operations and Training to create one cohesive team.

Quality Control