RDI Marketing
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[ Overview ]

RDI has the bells and whistles, and the people to go with it. With a robust technology platform, sleek facilities, and highly motivated agents, we get the job done for our clients. Our advantage is the ability to take what we've learned in one industry and apply it to others. By leveraging the working knowledge of a broad mix of industries, we can exceed the competition on every level.


Unique Site Locations- "Right Sized" and Team Oriented

We dedicate our sites to each client which allows us to hire representatives based on skill sets to match the programs they have an affinity for. Quite simply, it allows us to hire more selectively, which boosts the overall talent in all of the sites. We embrace an atmosphere which encourages our agents to excel in listening, and vary their interactions accordingly.

Maximizing Every Contact

RDI aheres to "Customers for Life" approach, helping your business transform basic call center interactions into lifelong connections.


We Try Things Because We Know They Work

From the color of the call center to the location of the break rooms, we look at everything. Our ideas don't exist in a vacuum. They hook into a powerful environment of idea sharing that helps us find what employees and customers want. The lessons we learn drive us to new levels.

[ Outbound Services ]

We Measure Success Differently

We measure success in terms of reducing your cost per sale, driving customer retention, and optimizing conversion rates. Our teams are better trained, more closely mentored, and highly motivated. They are supported by meticulous account management and superior technology. Unique Call Centers - "right sized" and team oriented

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Hard Selling Culture

We understand how to convey value to the customer in order to close the sale, while being customer-centric in our rapport and interaction. We are sensitive to the existing business relationship, and we also understand the financial value each sale brings both to the customer and our clients.

Great Work Environment

RDI brings together an exceptional team with a culture deep in selling skills. This is a distinct advantage. With a foundation built in selling that dates back 25+ years, our team is driven to maximize each opportunity to close the sale on behalf of our clients.

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[ Inbound Services ]

Delivering a customer experience that will build loyalty, increase sales, and boost customer retention.

  • Customer Care

  • Inbound Enrollments

  • Up Sell & Cross Sell

  • Help Desk & Support

We approach our business relationships like a bold partner, willing to challenge what's capable, and go for it.

We think ahead.

We make bold recommendations that are in the long term interests of our clients. We are a direct extension of our clients' companies and consider our challenges and rewards to be a reflection of us both.

We've been refining our sales techniques for more than 35 years, combining a wide range of best practices with the best technology and people to deliver results that consistently exceed our competitors.

Our Agents are skilled at delivering a customer experience that will build loyalty, increase sales, and boost customer retention.

The quality of RDI's front line employees directly impacts the quality of our customer experiences. Our staffing process starts with identifying client needs and nuances. By thoroughly understanding the unique set of challenges for each client, RDI defines the front line skills necessary for satisfying customer interactions. Then, we apply these findings to matching the right people with the right skills for the job.

[ Business to Business ]

People, Process, Technology: Keys to a Successful B-to-B

RDI will grow your business-to-business sales, generate and qualify new leads; secure more appointments, and drive interest in conferences and seminars. Our professional agents initiate and carry out unscripted business conversations. They are thoroughly trained to listen for the opportune moments and engage decision makers in the buying process.

we want you

  1. We recruit intelligent representatives.
  2. We access their personality profile to measure key sales attributes, and train them in depth about proven sales and phone techniques.
  3. We collaborate with you to educate our reps thoroughly about your company, and create dedicated teams to serve your needs.
  4. We rigorously evaluate and drive performance .
  5. We deliver solutions that can acquire and retain customers, increase profitability, improve customer service and test new markets.
  6. We track key metrics that generate actionable business data to drives sales, and achieves new levels of success.
  7. We build a CRM platform for you or dovetail into your existing one.
  8. We integrate multiple contact channels (voice, email, fax, chat) to agents' desktops.

RDI creates new revenue for our clients; By mixing tested techniques and new innovations, we provide our clients the optimal return for their marketing dollar.

[ Bilingual & Near Shore ]

We speak your language

  • Over 300 agents fluent in both Spanish and English
  • Nearshore facility with easy travel
  • Translations
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Data Entry
[ Administrative (BPO) ]

We allow you to be hands off

Outsourcing back-office functions is the right solution for companies who wish to reduce overhead while increasing focus on their core business.

  • Mail Piece Design and Fulfillment
  • Document Creation
  • Order Entry, Processing, and Billing
  • Claims Handling
  • Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
  • Internet Research
  • Database Construction and Maintenance
  • Email Processing and Delivery