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RDI Corporation Wins Prestigious Awards at the 2024 USA Customer Experience Awards

Celebrating Excellence in B2B Customer Experience, Learning & Development, and Use of Customer Insight & Feedback

[Blue Ash, Ohio] – [June 19, 2024] – RDI Corporation is proud to announce its remarkable achievements at the 2024 USA Customer Experience Awards, where the company secured top honors in three prestigious categories: Best Learning & Development, Best B2B Customer Experience, and Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback. These awards reflect RDI’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, fostering employee growth, and leveraging customer feedback to drive continuous improvement.

Best Learning & Development

The “ELL Well” initiative, RDI’s flagship employee engagement and growth program, earned the Best Learning & Development award. ELL Well stands for Earn Well, Learn Well, and Live Well, fostering a culture of continuous development and empowerment through career advancement, personal and professional development, community involvement, leadership training, and skill development in a diverse and inclusive environment. By reinforcing employees’ value and offering ongoing development opportunities, RDI ensures they take pride in their work, directly enhancing customer interactions.

Through “Learn Well,” RDI empowers employees to enrich their lives through continuous learning. In 2023, employees completed over 34,000 courses through RDI’s Learning Management System (LMS). Participation in the program surged from 3% to over 98% in the last five years, leading to a 20% promotion rate among participants and a 35% improvement in employee turnover.

Best B2B Customer Experience

RDI’s dedication to revolutionizing B2B Corporate Sales for a premier partner was recognized with the Best B2B Customer Experience award. RDI overcame significant challenges in outsourcing reluctance by transforming the partner’s sales process. The introduction of advanced digital tools, diverse support channels, and robust performance metrics resulted in record-high conversion rates, elevated customer satisfaction, and an impressive 120% increase in sales revenue by 2023. This award underscores RDI’s ability to create winning strategies that deliver outstanding results in the B2B market.  

Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback

RDI’s exceptional use of customer insight and feedback was honored with the Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback award. Through its “Winning Smart” approach, RDI fosters enduring partnerships by enhancing communication and engagement. Utilizing advanced analytics and Lean Sigma methodologies, RDI drives operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive approach enables clients to succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace, showcasing RDI’s ability to effectively listen, learn, and adapt to customer needs.

“We are incredibly proud to receive these awards, which highlight our team’s dedication to excellence in customer experience, employee development, and the strategic use of customer insights,” said Josh Viel, VP of Client Development at RDI Corporation. “These achievements are a testament to our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement in everything we do.”

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About the USA Customer Experience Awards (USCXA)

The USA Customer Experience Awards (USCXA) is a prestigious annual event recognizing excellence in customer experience across various industries. The awards celebrate organizations and professionals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative practices, and effective use of customer feedback. By highlighting exemplary achievements, USCXA aims to inspire and promote best practices in customer experience management.

About RDI Corporation

RDI Corporation is a leading provider of customer experience solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance customer satisfaction, drive sales growth, and foster employee development. With a focus on innovation and excellence, RDI partners with clients across various industries to deliver tailored strategies that meet their unique needs. Established in 1978, RDI is committed to leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies to drive operational efficiencies and long-term client success.

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