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Introductions to each of the RDI brands

RDI Connect

We've been in business for three decades. We've come across every problem, hiccup, and challenge you can imagine. We conquer it, nip it in the bud, squash it. We've spent the last three decades learning to do what we do best. And because of that, we can solve any problem and create a better way. so bring it.


RDI/T was formed to deliver cutting edge IT solutions to our clients. With a nationwide presence and four (4) onshore 24x7x365 Help-desk Support Centers, RDI /T is strategically positioned to meet your organization's evolving IT demands in an "always on" world. Our core services include Professional IT Services, Managed Services, Telecom Solutions and Hardware/ Software procurement services.


SIRS is a full-service research company located in greater cincinnati. our experts can help you with every detail of your research from project design, telephone/online fielding, and analysis for quantitative studies to project management, recruiting, moderating and facility rental for qualitative studies.


RDI/A Digital is an award-winning digital agency off offering a unique blend of strategy, design, and development for some of the world's leading brands. The diverse range of clients we are exposed to each present complex business challenges requiring RDI/A Digital to deliver unparalleled innovation, strategic industry insight, and cutting edge design and technology.