Our leaders are the reflection of our brand:
Highly intuitive, problem solvers,
experts at winning.

Meet Our CEO

Bronson Trebbi

A seasoned business leader, Bronson Trebbi has a keen eye for opportunity. His single-minded dedication to success, for others and his own endeavors, has produced great rewards. After taking the helm at RDI Corporation in 2005 as Chief Executive Officer, Trebbi executed on his strategic vision for growth. Within two years he doubled RDI’s revenue and dramatically expanded the company’s North American footprint, creating growth in RDI’s workforce from small business numbers to well over 2,000 employees.
Trebbi’s tenacity and savvy approach to assessing and negotiating smart business deals have built out RDI into an entire family of award-winning of brands. Under Trebbi’s leadership, RDI’s operations now boast a full suite of turnkey business solutions, including digital marketing, IT management, market research and call center support, providing customizable solutions to meet individual client needs.
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RDI Corporate

Bronson Trebbi

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Hahn

Chief Technology Officer

Bobbie Jo Raines


Ben Miller

Executive Vice President

Dave Reiss

SVP, Sales & Client Development

Mike Robinson

Director, Human Resources

Amy Gardner

Director, Payroll and Benefits

Joseph Pinnell

Director of Marketing & Communication

Peggy McCarthy

Director of Facilities & Special Projects

RDI Connect

Matt Dowd

SVP, Contact Center Operations

RDI Technology

Dan Baker

SVP, Client Development


Oliver Pugh

Vice President


Bill Welch

Executive Vice President