CINCINNATI – May 15, 2017 – RDI Corporation, a world-class provider of innovative business solutions, today announced the purchase of Dayton, OH-based managed IT services provider, Computer Creations Inc. ("CCI").
Computer Creations has been providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Software, and IT Hardware Solutions to hundreds of businesses and individuals in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Southwest Ohio region for over 35 years.
“RDI and CCI align in a variety of ways, in that both companies are dedicated to white-glove IT solutions with work-glove commitment level and pricing that reflects our spirit of long term partnership,” said RDI CEO, Bronson Trebbi. “Through this acquisition, we further expand our managed services division by establishing a presence from Cincinnati to Toledo and offering a straight line of talent in between. RDI and CCI both have many clients with over 10 years of tenure, that only comes from rooting ourselves in the client’s business and helping them gain a technology advantage versus their competitors. We see technology as a weapon, not just a means to an end."
In the acquisition RDI collects the entirety of CCI’s technological assets, clients and employees. All current members of CCI will continue to work under the RDI name, a transition that should be of ease given the strong similarity in the mission and values shared by RDI and CCI.
“By leveraging RDI’s 24/7 Network Operations Center in Cincinnati, CCI's clients will have access to constant network monitoring, help-desk services and cyber threat detection and mitigation.” Trebbi said. "Technology is a must to run a business, and with the pervasiveness of complex cyber-crimes, it’s more important than ever to have a partner like us that lives every day in the technology landscape and positions clients to win over threats and competition with by using technology as a sword and a shield."