Inbound & Outbound Call Center Services For Banks and Financial Institutions

RDI call centers offer several special services to financial institutions in all 50 states. Our inbound and outbound call center service provides trained agents to handle volumes related to online banking support, financial hardship resources, appointment scheduling, personal & small business loans, health & life insurance, and scam prevention. Sales is an important service for financial customers and RDI is happy to provide trained agents with experience that knows every aspect of the financial industry and the sales cycle. We can help your financial services acquire, support, and retain your customers through quality interactions and minimal wait times. Our staff is trained to listen to every customer using up to date sales techniques that are vital to success. RDI Corporation is here to help you meet your goals using our financial services to keep your customers satisfied.

What We Offer

Our customer care staff serves as the financial industry’s brand representative, and we deliver the solutions you need to succeed. RDI provides the following services to help increase your customer retention rates:

  • credit card & loan application processing
  • financial product sales
  • cross-selling
  • upselling
  • contact through several channels
  • domestic call center services
  • inbound and outbound call centers
  • bilingual staff members

RDI offers help desk support for all financial call centers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our engineers and technicians will troubleshoot and fix all technical difficulties that arise. When computer systems are not working, phone systems are down or a security breach has occurred, our onsite engineers, dispatch services, and SLA monitoring teams can be reached immediately. Our B2B services will maximize monthly sales revenues, you can start today by designing a phone and online system to meet your specific needs then our trained staff will do the rest.

RDI offers experienced licensed insurance agents that are in 50 states that can be added to your team of call center staff to sell more financial products. Our agents are trained, screened and tested before they begin to sell life insurance, health, property, and casualty policies for your company. RDI is equipped to service banks, the insurance industry, and all financial institutions. Other services RDI call centers offer for financial services are

  • processing paperwork
  • order entry
  • billing
  • claim handling
  • market research
  • special database construction

Consistent Service

For the banking industry RDI helps to increase consumer loans and bank accounts because customers can apply at any time. This reduces stress and helps you to cut the cost of hiring more employees. When a staff member is out sick, RDI has other employees to send in to handle the problem. Call centers cut costs when you use our call center outsourcing services. With consistent service we will be able to increase sales by increasing your customer base.

Brand Awareness

We promote customer brand awareness in bank call centers, insurance call centers, and financial institutions by utilizing specialized training and techniques. RDI provides customers with accurate information and promotes your brand according to your company goals. RDI call centers answer customer questions and resolve problems quickly so your customers are not holding on the line for long periods of time. Our call centers are fast-moving and trained to resolve problems in a timely manner. RDI call center services will help eliminate the time you need to hire and train staff reducing cost and saving time.

Contact Us For Call Center Solutions For the Financial Industry

Contact RDI Corporation to learn more about our outsourced inbound or outbound call center services for financial institutions by filling out the online form or contacting us at 1-800-388-7636. RDI’s solutions can help you manage data, increase sales, and find solutions to business problems. We have the experience to help your financial business.