Vol. 3, Issue 24 | 6/21/2024

RDI Celebrates Juneteenth

See how each site celebrated the federal holiday on Wednesday, June 19

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On Wednesday, June 19, RDI celebrated Juneteenth, the national holiday commemorating the ending of slavery in the US. What did each individual site get up to? Find out below!

BLUE ASH: On Monday, employees tie-dyed t-shirts in Black, Red, Green, and Yellow (Juneteenth Colors). On Tuesday, the Black Professionals Network catered in delicious food, including chicken and waffles, red beans and rice, cornbread, green beans, and more. On Wednesday, True Blue grilled up some hot dogs and burgers to celebrate. Employees also participated in a scavenger hunt for prizes, with numbered Juneteenth flags hidden around the call center.

HENDERSON: On Wednesday, Henderson Heat held a mini market for local Black-owned businesses. Refreshments, trivia, and photo booths were also provided.

MILFORD: On Wednesday, employees enjoyed a grill out in the breakroom and wore Juneteenth colors to work.

WACO: On Wednesday, agents celebrated with a BBQ, trivia, and Juneteenth-themed games.

Happy Pride Month, RDI!

It's almost time for the Cincinnati Pride Parade!

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Happy Pride Month, RDI! We’ve had so much fun celebrating with you these past few weeks, and we can’t wait for the Cincinnati PRIDE Parade TOMORROW, Saturday, June 22, 2024.

The Cincinnati Pride Parade will start at approximately 11:00 a.m. Participants are expected to be at our parade location between 10:00 and 10:45 a.m. Those who signed up should have received an email with all the necessary info, but if you have any last-minute questions, reach out to Ashley Snowden at

BOTTOM LINE: We are going to have a BLAST!  Stay tuned for more photos and videos from the Pride parade in next week’s issue!

Father's Day Festivities at RDI

Check out all the ways RDI celebrated Father's Day in the video below!

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We hope all the dads at RDI had a fantastic Father’s Day last weekend! Sites like Blue Ash and Milford celebrated with Donuts for Dads while Hermosillo and Nogales raffled off prizes for RDI fathers. Hermosillo also took a trip to a local bowling alley and treated all the dads to dinner. Check out photos and videos from the celebration above!


June 16 – June 22

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RDI Shows its Pride

See how all the sites dressed up in Pride colors this past week

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Several RDI sites wore Pride colors during this past Spirit Week, and everyone looked phenomenal! Check out some familiar faces above and see how they showed off their Pride!

Keep Track of Your Team's Progress

We'll update the points every Friday to see who's on top each week

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Check back here every Friday to see how many points your Summer Showdown team gathers for the week. Whoever boasts the most by the end of August will be crowned the Summer Showdown 2024 Champion!

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