Vol. 3, Issue 25 | 6/28/2024

Happy Pride Month, RDI!

See how RDI celebrated at the Cincinnati Pride Parade!

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Happy Pride Month, RDI! We’ve had so much fun celebrating with you these past few weeks, and we had a blast at the Cincinnati PRIDE Parade this past weekend. Check out the video above to hear more about the parade from employees who walked in it!

Who Will Win Copa América?

Complete RDI's Copa América bracket for a chance to win a Snappy gift card!

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The CONMEBOL Copa América tournament is underway, and we want to know who you’re rooting for! The quarterfinals take place next week, so fill out the RDI Copa América bracket to decide who will take home the trophy.

To participate, screenshot or save the image of the bracket. Pick your top two teams from each group and write them into the appropriate spot. For example, your first-place pick from Group A will go in spot A1, while your second-place pick goes in A2. Once you complete the bracket, email it to BEFORE Thursday, July 4, and stay tuned!

Whoever has the most accurate bracket at the end of the tournament will win a $25 Snappy gift card (multiple winners are possible). Good luck!


June 23 – June 29

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Keep Track of Your Team's Progress

We'll update the points every Friday to see who's on top each week

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Check back here every Friday to see how many points your Summer Showdown team gathers for the week. Whoever boasts the most by the end of August will be crowned the Summer Showdown 2024 Champion!

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