Vol. 2, Issue 31 | 08/16/2023

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Who doesn’t love bowling? Milford’s inaugural Bowling Day at Madison Bowl was an absolute success, sending pins flying and spirits soaring.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, and everyone gave it their all to try and score some spares and strikes. Like any good bowling day, the aroma of pizza wafted through the air, and the slices disappeared as quickly (if not more so) than the pins at the end of the alleys! An exciting highlight emerged as Kari and her dad engaged in a spirited wager – a strike on the first throw meant being exempt from planning her grandparents’ birthday party. In an epic victory, Kari emerged triumphant! Who knew she had such a wicked arm?

Whether bowling reminds you of The Big Lebowski, the song “Let’s Bowl” from Grease 2, or simply of your childhood, we can all agree bowling is a smash hit!


Laynie Gonzalez

It’s time for another On The Spot interview! This time we caught up with the fantastic Laynie Gonzalez, an Operations Supervisor extraordinaire for the P&G Beauty program at Blue Ash. Laynie has a whopping 3.5 years under her belt at RDI, so she’s definitely overdue to be put on the spot.

Let’s jump right in!

Laynie’s superpower of choice is time travel – imagine the possibilities! When it comes to favorite reads, Laynie’s coming in strong with an excellent fiction recommendation: “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah. An extrovert through and through, Laynie loves a good dance tune and confesses her dream destination is none other than the stylish streets of Milan. But that’s not all – this avid traveler has already crossed Aruba and Jamaica off her list, proving she’s a bonafide beach enthusiast.

Laynie’s lightning-quick responses might just have earned her the title of our most on-the-spot interviewee yet! There is still much more to learn about Laynie, so check out the full video now!


Ashley Snowden and Top Gums Soar at Red Bull Flugtag!

Have you heard that RDI’s very own Ashely Snowden and her team, Top Gums, participated in the Red Bull Flugtag? Well, you’d better believe it!

Cincinnati held the Red Bull Flugtag this past weekend at Sawyer Point Park & Yeatmans Cove. But what even is the Flugtag? The Flugtag (German for Flying Day) is a competition of homemade, human-powered craft with one simple goal – to fly. This event travels to different locations each year, and Cincinnati was proud to be chosen as the only US location for 2023.

But back to the most exciting part – Ashley Snowden and Top Gums! This all-woman team of best friends spent months creating their vessel, the Betty White Bomber (both the team and craft name come from a love of Golden Girls with a nod at Top Gun, of course)! Over 40 teams participated in the Flugtag and more than 30,000 people came to watch this spectacular event!

While Top Gums may not have taken home the prize for furthest flight, they did take home all of the memories they made along the way! We are so proud of Ashley and her team, and we love seeing our community support each other and their dreams.

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