Vol. 2, Issue 41 | 10/25/2023

Milford Oct 22-28
Nogales Oct 22-28
Henderson Oct 22-28
Latonia Oct 22-28
Oxford Oct 22-28
Waco Oct 22-28
TB Oct 22-28
Support Oct 22-28
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Are you a Halloween expert?

Vol. 2, Issue 40 | 10/19/2023



Milford’s First Party in the Park

The Milford Machine’s inaugural Party in the Park at Miami Meadows was a tremendous success and a fantastic way to celebrate the end of summer ☀

This was a perfect gathering where the Milford team and their families came together to kick back, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. With some live music for ambiance, guests played corn hole, ate delicious food, and, most importantly, spent quality time with one another. On top of that, there were door prizes, which added a fun element to the festivities. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to win some awesome prizes?

This event truly exemplified the spirit of our RDI community, making it clear that the Party in the Park won’t be a one-time affair. For those who attended, it was an unforgettable evening filled with great company and great memories, and we sure are looking forward to the next Party in the Park  🎉


The Teamwork Tourney Begins!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Introducing our newest segment: Teamwork Tourney! The Teamwork Tourney is both a challenge and a celebration of the power of good teamwork and communication.

We decided to start out easy for the first challenge and settled on a Pumpkin Painting contest! 🎨 Sounds straightforward enough, right? Think again! Divided into four teams, each group had one team member blindfolded, taking on the role of the Painter, while the other was the Guide, responsible for giving verbal instructions only to the Painter.

Each team was challenged to paint a specific scene on their pumpkin, which included a snowman, Frankenstein, zombie, and, well, we’re still trying to determine what the fourth pumpkin was supposed to be! Throughout the competition, the teamwork was nothing short of amazing. The Guides communicated with clarity and encouragement, leading their blindfolded partners through the messy but amusing process.

As the blindfolds came off and the pumpkins were revealed, the shock, surprise, and laughter at their creations was well-deserved.  This challenge was not only fun but also an excellent reminder of the incredible things we can achieve when we work together. So, a big shout out to our teams for showcasing the true spirit of teamwork, and we can’t wait for the next Teamwork Tourney challenge! 🎃


Mika vs. Josey in a Slap-tastic Showdown

🎺 🎺 🎺

It’s time for your regularly scheduled Tortilla Challenge showdown!

Refereeing the match was none other than James Walsh himself (again, to be clear, he is NOT the president of the International Tortilla Challenge Face Slapping Organization). We were excited to be back at Milford for another round, and this showdown features two Dow Jones agents: Mika Ingles and Josey Gibson!

We feel it is necessary to give our audience a disclaimer before viewing: Caution advised, these slaps are some of the hardest we’ve seen! Mika and Josey did not pull any “punches”, as evidenced by the tortillas flying, breaking, and causing smacks so loud the camera picked them up!

After what felt like a lifetime, James Walsh declared the winner: the small but mighty Josie Gibson will be moving on! We already feel sorry for whoever she will face in the future. Until next time, stay slappy!

Vol. 2, Issue 39 | 10/11/2023


Show Off Your Halloween Spirit!

We promised more information about the costume contest and we are delivering!

For those who missed it last week, we formally invite you to unleash your Halloween spirit, don your spookiest outfit, and capture it in a photo to compete against your fellow coworkers! But what could make this contest better, you say? A grand prize! The costume contest winner will be awarded a $100 gift card AND an exclusive feature in The Winning Times as a coloring page illustration of their costume.

To enter the contest, simply submit your costume photo to by November 1st. The lucky winner of this contest will be revealed in Issue 43 of The Winning Times. So, whether you’re crafting a ghostly apparition or a superhero alter ego, it’s time to show off your Halloween costume creativity – may the best costume win!


Ashton vs. Jess Showdown at Milford

We’re back with another Tortilla Challenge showdown for the second week in a row! As always, the ever-enthusiastic James Walsh, our humble referee for the International Tortilla Challenge Face Slapping Organization (not the president, as he claims), welcomed the next round hosted at RDI Milford.

The contenders for this battle of tortilla supremacy were none other than Ashton Dickerson, Supervisor for Dow Jones, and Jess Heinrich, Supervisor for Hallmark. Before the slaps even began, James Walsh admitted to attempting to broker a deal to throw the round for a bribe (the ITCFSO will be looking into this), but both Ashton and Jess stayed true to the spirit of competition and could not be influenced.

Unlike the previous match, where gentler slaps were the strategy of choice, this round was an entirely different beast. The two supervisors unleashed a barrage of intense smacks, and water was even spewed a time or two in the heat of the competition. We won’t reveal all the juicy details; you’ll have to watch the video for that!

In the end, only one competitor could move forward, and Ashton emerged victorious! For all of our avid Tortilla Challenge fans, don’t fret – we’ll be back soon with another match for your viewing pleasure!


Can you put the picture back together again?

Vol. 2, Issue 38 | 10/05/2023


RDI's Epic Costume Contest

Get ready to unleash your inner creativity and go all out for a spooktacular Costume Contest! Whether you’re into the most elaborate, realistic costumes or prefer to embrace a sillier, goofier getup, this is your moment to shine. We’re calling all goblins, witches, superheroes, and characters from galaxies far, far away to showcase your costume-making skills.

But wait, there’s more! The stakes are high, as the contest winner will not only take home a prize of $100 but will also see their costume transformed into a captivating cartoon coloring page. This masterpiece will be featured in an upcoming edition of The Winning Times for all to see.

Stay tuned for additional details and deadlines for submitting your costume and voting. In the meantime, channel your inner costume designer and let your imagination run wild – this is your shot to be immortalized as a cartoon!


Catch RDI’s Recruitment Video on Cincinnati Local 12!

We’re so excited to share our latest recruitment video with all of you! This video is being featured on Cincinnati Local 12 streaming services, and we’d love to know if you see our video while streaming.

Now is also the perfect time for a reminder: don’t forget the More the Merrier referral program is in full swing until November 6. If you’ve been considering referring your friends or family to join RDI, there’s no better time than now.


Tara vs. Chris in a Surprising Match

It’s back! Get ready for the latest Tortilla Challenge match, where contestants go face-to-face, or rather, face-to-tortilla, in a friendly but fierce competition 💢

James Walsh, our trusty referee from the International Tortilla Challenge Face Slapping Organization (ITCFSO), ushered in this exciting round. This time, we have two formidable contenders: Tara Kearney, our Engagement Manager from Latonia, and Chris Griffin, our Director of Leadership Development.

Now, if you’ve followed our previous Tortilla Challenge Showdowns, you know that things can get pretty intense, with contestants delivering rapid-fire tortilla slaps. But this round was different, folks! Tara and Chris decided to take a unique approach, opting for gentler slaps that, surprisingly, worked in their favor.

While the usual heated showdown was replaced by a more amicable competition, there was a clear winner – Tara Kearney, who will be advancing to the next round! A big thanks to both participants for their good-spirited sportsmanship, and we can’t wait to see what kind of slaps the next match brings!


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