Vol. 1, Issue 9


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October 2022

We are rolling out our October Bloopers featuring ELL Well’s Eric Sherman, L&D’s Chris Griffin, our well-known Andy McCarthy, and plenty of others! Check out some of the hilarious bloopers that got cut from the content that our Creative Team filmed this October. Let us know if you enjoyed this segment; we know Creative had a blast editing!




General RDI Forecast

Congratulations, you are learning from your mistakes and putting your best foot forward! More epiphanies are happening in your inner world as you progress. Abundance is all around you; you just need to reach out for it. Spend some time this week imagining and journaling about your dream life. Rewards are given to you in small ways as you walk away from toxic people and situations that no longer serve you. Keep up the excellent work, and enjoy this phase of your life full of prosperity, enlightenment, and happiness. The drama is gone. Embrace this still time for yourself and reflect on how far you have come.

Spiritual Signs: Ladders, Stairs, Sunshine, Bowls, Fire, Cats, and Birds




Hey, Libra ♎️ Your inner world has been clouded lately with thoughts of confusion and hopelessness, but worrying will get you nowhere. Take off the blindfold and see the opportunity right before you. There are other ways to become successful; there are different ways to gain abundance in your life.

Libra, it’s time to seek balance in this chaos you find yourself in. Now would be a great time to reevaluate who you decide to keep in your life. Take a closer look at who and what you are listening to and what information you are constantly consuming. Your balance externally will come from more balance internally.

Spiritual Signs: Cardinals, Swords, Crows, Flashing Lights, Keys, and The Number 333.



Virgo ♍️ You are being called to start networking with other like-minded friends and acquaintances. I know you’ve become used to the lone ranger life lately; however, now is the time to get back out there. You have so many unique ideas flowing to you right now, and it would be a shame to waste all that inspired action because you are nervous about showing yourself off! You’re so intelligent and capable; let yourself be seen and heard.

Some Virgos may receive a lump sum for your thoughts and ideas before the end of the year. Keep up that momentum, and know you can trust the people being ushered into your life to network and befriend.

Spiritual Signs: Yarn, White Coats, Children, Family Time, Crows, Suitcase, The number 555 Money, and Red Cars.



Greetings, Capricorn ♑️ Welcome to the start of something huge in your life. I know right now, life may seem confusing and uncertain; however, there is a silver lining to all of this uncertainty. Some of you may have lost someone important in your life, and they are coming through the veil to let you know even though they are not physically here, their energy and love never left.

Some of you are engaging in many self-evaluations and realizing you have been driving yourself insane by trying the same approach to the same problems. Now is the time to try something new! Plant your seeds somewhere else; try a different avenue. Only then will you start to see changes in your mental health and transitions in your outer world. Also, listen to only some of the hums around you. Seek solace within instead of outside advice and influence. You are slowly but surely becoming resilient.

Spiritual Signs: Mom, Grandma, Brick Wall, Meditation, Sunshine, Red and Blue Birds, Lavender and Roses, and The Numbers 777, 444, and 333.



Gemini ♊️ Your days will soon be filled with hope and strength! So many exciting feelings and opportunities are on their way to you. You are becoming fearless and resilient. When you think about problems, you no longer complain and feel disconnected from yourself; you are starting to find the right course of action to achieve all your dreams.

This cycle of your life should feel very empowering. Realize your worth and get excited about the future. Some Geminis are worried about how others view them; realize that others’ perception of you has everything to do with them and little to do with you. Don’t take others’ criticism personally at this time. Keep marching to the beat of your own drum. You got this, Gem!

Spiritual Signs: Lions, Tigers, Hearts, Holding Hands, Hoses, The Number 777, Lizards, and Fire.

MAY 21 - JUNE 20


Hey, Aqua Loves, you have a lot to unpack this coming month ♒️ Are you ready for your blessings? You are changing rapidly right now, with positive energy ushering into you. Some of these blessings will arrive as new ideas and mental stability. Remember not to focus on what you lack right now but on what opportunities are shown or brought to you. Your mind is expanding, and your heart is healing.

Love is in the air for you, Aquarius, bringing stability to all of your close relationships. Be sure to let the ones you love know how you feel this month, and remember that happiness will come from within you, not from outside you. Embrace this time of positivity and start creating, whether this is art, content, life, etc. You are in control of your emotions now, Aquas. Embrace it.

Spiritual signs: Lions, The Color Red, Water, Fire, Ladders, The Moon, and The Sun



Hey Cancer! ♋️ This month you will be spending a lot of time in solitude. Many old thoughts from childhood and past relationships may resurface. Instead of looking at all that has happened negatively, think of how strong you have become compared to who you used to be. Give yourself some credit for how far you have come.

Life will constantly throw you for a loop. Still, as long as you are strong, pay attention, and do your research, you will always be ahead of the game and emotionally available to make these significant changes waiting within you. You will be rewarded soon for all your mental and emotional hard work. Let out your thoughts: journal, blog, type, or speak out how you feel. Do not hold all your opinions in right now; it’s best to let them out, especially during the next full moon on November 8.

Spiritual signs: Money, Books, Coins, Pens, Sunshine, Big Animals, Laptops, Children, The Letters “K, L, J, R, E, N,” and The Number 555

JUNE 21 - JULY 22


Cancer ♋️ Belonging and happiness have followed you lately, whether you are the warmth or others around you are making you feel needed and wanted. This month you will learn how to spot manipulation tactics from others around you. You’ll be hyper-focused on your inner self and have no time to engage in low-vibrational activities. Positive vibes only over here, Cancer!

Also, you will be finishing some sort of life cycle in November if it hasn’t been completed already. This cycle in your life concerns progression in your career. Maybe in the past, you had issues with attendance or keeping your mind on your work; however, soon, you will find yourself accomplishing everything you’ve struggled with all year. A time for rest and reevaluation is needed. Knock out those last few old bad habits this month, and nothing will be able to stop you, not even yourself!

Spiritual Signs: Stars, Lightning, Rose Quarts, Books, Hearts, and The Numbers 333 and 999

JUNE 21 - JULY 22


Hey, Taurus ♉️ There will be much to unpack for you this month. Your struggles have gotten ahold of you, and fear seems to have taken over. Do not fret because you have the power to let go of what doesn’t serve you; healing is needed right now. You often seem to follow the flow, and lately, there has been resistance. The resistance is purposeful. It is necessary to make you conscious of an experience you may never want to feel again, as how else would you learn if you didn’t feel things so deeply?

Take this time to recollect and account for your feelings and triggers that come up regularly. What is the real reason behind the anger? What is the real reason behind the stress? You will be finding yourself again, Taurus. Keep your head up and know these challenges and difficult moments in your life are happening FOR you, not TO you.

Spiritual Signs: The Avengers, Crows, Wolves, Moon, Butterflies, The Color Red, and Nostalgia

APRIL 20 - MAY 20


Scorpio! You sneaky little Scorpion ♏️ It is becoming apparent that you are healing on a deep, profound level; however, I see that you aren’t letting anyone know about this come-up. Good idea! The more people who know about your thoughts and changes, the more room for negative energy to be sent your way.

Your intuition is on point right now about staying still and quiet. Continue to lay low and keep your ideas to yourself until you have met your goal(s). Exciting news will come to you over a text or phone call around the next full moon on November 8. Save your money Scorpio; there will be an opportunity soon requiring these savings.

Spiritual Signs: Hairstyles, Cars, Selenite, Money, Children, Women’s Rights, and The Number 111



We say it time and time again: RDI’s strength is our people.

Join us in celebrating this week’s anniversaries, from year 1 all the way to 20+!

Amber Holland 11/05/2018
Brittany Sarver 11/04/2019
Toni Reed 11/02/2020
Damaris Howard 11/02/2021
Elizabeth Raypole 11/02/2021
Robert Elton 11/02/2021
Ryan Clark 11/02/2021
Sydney Steward 11/01/2021
Barbara Perkins 11/04/2013
Chad Brown 11/05/2018
Christina Jeffers 11/04/2013
Desjna Lett 11/04/2019
Mildred Villalba 11/02/2009
Tricia Biehl 11/02/2020
Linda Humphrey 11/04/2019
Wendy Dean 11/02/2020
Genevia Slusher 11/04/2019
Alexis Tester 11/03/2020
Karla Turner 11/02/2020
Roman Gonzalez Flor Iliana 10/31/16
Artiachi Conde Erik 11/03/2020
Cocoa Elizalde Rogelio 11/04/19
Ortega Almeraz Sergio Manuel 11/02/20
Emily Dumond 11/05/2018
Christopher Anderson 11/04/2013​
Jordan Eglian 11/01/2021
Mariah Conrad 11/01/2021
Shane Halcomb 11/03/2020
Sherry Mcfarland 11/03/2020
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With this month’s customer service appreciation week, the focus of our Featured Course of the Month is the IMPACT of appreciation. Showing our gratitude for each other affects everyone’s experiences during our time together. Let’s grow our community’s empathy!

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