Vol. 2, Issue 44 | 11/16/2023

Henderson Nov 12-18
Nogales Nov 12-18
Milford Nov 12-18
TB Nov 12-18
Waco Nov 12-18
Oxford Nov 12-18
Latonia Nov 12-18
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Nipper Edition

It’s back! In our latest On The Spot, we had the pleasure of featuring not one but two Nippers!

If you’re a Tortilla Challenge enthusiast, you might recognize the name Nipper as James Walsh, the ITCSFO referee, is on a mission to settle some beef with Melanie “The Bad Morally Grey” Nipper. But anyway, we digress. In this episode, we get to learn more about each of the Nipper sisters, and despite what most people think, not all sisters are alike!

From video games to music to views about the right time to start listening to holiday music, these sisters have opinions. We won’t give everything away, so be sure to check out the whole video for the scoop! And if you do stick around until the end, you might just get a sneak peek into RDI’s super-secret tribunal. We’re still waiting for our invite, by the way! 🎉


Latanya Speed vs Alexis Tester

Hold on to your tortillas, folks! We’re diving headfirst into the sixth match of the Tortilla Challenge, hosted once again by the gracious team at Latonia!

Now, this round brings a touch of scandal, a sprinkle of drama if you will, as it’s the first face-off between a direct report and their supervisor. Cue the gasps and the dramatic music! In the one corner, we have the formidable Latanya Speed, and in the opposite corner, the impressive Alexis Tester.

The match kicked off with a bang as Alexis delivered a near-perfect slap that had everyone questioning if she moonlights as a tortilla slap master in her spare time. But hold up – Latanya wasn’t one to be outdone. She came right back with a slap that could be felt through the screen, leaving even our referee in a state of shock. It seemed like we were in for an epic showdown between two titans, but, oh boy, things took a turn. Laughter, slaps, and water-spitting ensued, turning this match into delightful chaos.

In the end, Alexis emerged as the champion of this round! A big shoutout to both competitors for bringing the fun, and we’re already feeling sorry for whoever has to face Alexis in the next showdown. May the tortillas keep flying, and may we all stay slappy! 🌮✨


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