Vol. 2, Issue 47 | 12/07/2023

Milford Dec 3 - 9
Latonia Dec 3 - 9
Henderson Dec 3 - 9
Nogales Dec 3 - 9
Connersville Dec 3 - 9
Waco Dec 3 - 9
Oxford Dec 3 - 9
Support Services Dec 3 - 9
TB Dec 3 - 9
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Hold on to your can openers because the most epic challenge of the season is here!

Prepare to flex your creative muscles in the Holiday CANstruction challenge running now through December 20th. And to raise the stakes further, we’re giving away the biggest prize yet in RDI history!

So, what’s at stake, you ask? Trophies? Oh, absolutely! Bragging rights? You bet! But that’s not all – we’re cranking up the excitement by offering the winning team an extra day off to savor in 2024. Imagine the possibilities! An extended weekend, a spontaneous escape, or just an extra day to chill at home. To be part of this monumental event, rally your friends, form a team of 6-10 creative geniuses, and prepare to unleash your inner Pi-can-so (okay, we’ll admit that one was a stretch).

Reach out to your ELL Well Manager to sign up today. Together, we CAN do anything 🥫✨

Meet Christopher Marshall, True Blue’s Live Well Director and resident plant expert!

With a remarkable four-year journey at RDI, Christopher brings a unique perspective and passion for self-improvement to the team. When he’s not at work, you might find him lost in the world of music, strumming his guitar or experimenting with new hobbies—miniature dioramas, anyone?

Beyond his creative endeavors, Christopher wants everyone to know that he’s here for them. Whether you need a listening ear, some friendly advice, or just want to share a smile, Christopher Marshall is your go-to guy. He is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment so, if you ever need a positive presence, seek out Christopher—he’s more than willing to brighten your day! ✨


A round of applause for Brandy Judd for her winning Halloween costume!

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This month’s featured course explores various holiday traditions with daily insights, stories, recipes, crafts, and more! Don’t miss out on your chance to earn a badge – you must complete the first five days to qualify. Access opens day by day, so stay tuned for your daily dose of festive cheer, and let’s celebrate the season together! 

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