Vol. 2, Issue 50 | 12/27/2023


Vol. 2, Issue 49 | 12/20/2023


Get into the holiday spirit and solve some clues!


Our Milford and Latonia team had a great time volunteering with City Gospel Mission this past weekend!

Curious about how you can get involved? Reach out to your ELL Well manager for RDI opportunities, or visit to find more ways to give back in the Cincinnati area!


The Last Torilla Slap of 2023!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a special edition Tortilla Challenge match!

Our very own Milford Site Director, Joseph Behymer, stepped into the arena against the formidable agent, Katie Dalton, in a showdown that delivered more than its fair share of fun. Despite its brevity, this match delivered the slaps. Not only is Joe skilled with a tortilla, but he has also proven to be a master of rock, paper, and scissors. While Joe was crowned the victor, the ultimate winner is up for debate as he was the one left soaked after the showdown. A big round of applause for these two for their special appearance 👏

As a reminder, the Tortilla Challenge Quarterfinals will begin in the new year!


Tortilla Challenge Returns in January 2024

Vol. 2, Issue 48 | 12/14/2023


Highlights from Winter Shenanigans!

Milford recently turned into a winter wonderland for their very special Winter Shenanigans party ❄

The evening was filled with festivities, from hot cocoa to crafts, for all to enjoy the holiday spirit. Of course, the event’s highlight was a special visit from Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus themselves 🎅🤶

There is nothing better than creating magical moments for everyone to enjoy together. A big thank you to all who participated and for making Winter Shenanigans a truly wondrous occasion!

It’s the grand finale of the preliminary rounds of the Tortilla Slap Challenge!

This final preliminary match is not to be missed as it is a showdown between two True Blue legends: Andrea Swanson, our ELL Well Manager, and Sycreta Marshall, one of our Program Managers. It was evident from the get-go that this matchup was a pairing of equals, with both contestants displaying impeccable slaps and an impressive resilience to being slapped.

We’ve seen our fair share of broken tortillas in the Tortilla Challenge arena before, but never have we seen tortillas go soaring through the air from sheer force (and it happened not once but twice!) The question on everyone’s mind: What beef were Andrea and Sycreta trying to settle?

Despite the evenly matched competition, there can only be one winner, and the honor went to Sycreta Marshall. However, a special shout-out is due to Andrea Swanson for bravely enduring a barrage of slaps and numb cheeks. Most of us would have spit our water out much sooner, so kudos to Andrea for her resilience!

With the preliminary rounds now concluded, the anticipation for the quarterfinals is palpable – who will emerge victorious in the next phase of the Tortilla Slap Challenge? Stay tuned for more slap-tastic action!

In the Cincinnati area? Reach out to your ELL Well Manager to see how you can volunteer with City Gospel Mission!

Vol. 2, Issue 47 | 12/07/2023

Hold on to your can openers because the most epic challenge of the season is here!

Prepare to flex your creative muscles in the Holiday CANstruction challenge running now through December 20th. And to raise the stakes further, we’re giving away the biggest prize yet in RDI history!

So, what’s at stake, you ask? Trophies? Oh, absolutely! Bragging rights? You bet! But that’s not all – we’re cranking up the excitement by offering the winning team an extra day off to savor in 2024. Imagine the possibilities! An extended weekend, a spontaneous escape, or just an extra day to chill at home. To be part of this monumental event, rally your friends, form a team of 6-10 creative geniuses, and prepare to unleash your inner Pi-can-so (okay, we’ll admit that one was a stretch).

Reach out to your ELL Well Manager to sign up today. Together, we CAN do anything 🥫✨

Meet Christopher Marshall, True Blue’s Live Well Director and resident plant expert!

With a remarkable four-year journey at RDI, Christopher brings a unique perspective and passion for self-improvement to the team. When he’s not at work, you might find him lost in the world of music, strumming his guitar or experimenting with new hobbies—miniature dioramas, anyone?

Beyond his creative endeavors, Christopher wants everyone to know that he’s here for them. Whether you need a listening ear, some friendly advice, or just want to share a smile, Christopher Marshall is your go-to guy. He is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment so, if you ever need a positive presence, seek out Christopher—he’s more than willing to brighten your day! ✨


A round of applause for Brandy Judd for her winning Halloween costume!

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This month’s featured course explores various holiday traditions with daily insights, stories, recipes, crafts, and more! Don’t miss out on your chance to earn a badge – you must complete the first five days to qualify. Access opens day by day, so stay tuned for your daily dose of festive cheer, and let’s celebrate the season together! 

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