Vol. 2, Issue 12 | 03/29/2023

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Vol. 2, Issue 11 | 03/23/2023


What is Advancement by Involvement?

Chris Martin is here to share his grassroots non-profit: Advancement by Involvement (ABI). ABI is a mindset that focuses on the idea that getting involved is the best way to get ahead in life. 

ABI supports its network of non-profit partners, small business teammates, and the communities they serve by bridging the gap between resources and their target population. They do this by hosting events that promote community engagement, spotlight local non-profits, and provide revenue for local artists, small businesses, and sole proprietors.

Their ultimate goal is to create opportunities for entrepreneurs, influencers, and community advocates to expand their network, build their vision, and achieve their dreams.

If you want to learn how to get involved, check them out at


The Milford Street Team is at it AGAIN!

Are you doing YOUR part? These RDI’ers sure are! 

Join the RDI Street team, and you, too, can be a part of these super fun adventures and get a free T-shirt!


The Milford Street Team is at it AGAIN!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, our fearless Woman Nation members from Nogales participated in a self-defense workshop. The class was a rewarding way to learn the skills and tools necessary to fight off a potential attacker. They were met with staged challenges and could practice with their coach and one another. In addition to providing a fun and invigorating workout, these exercises helped them build even more confidence if they face such a challenge in real life.

You won’t want to mess with these ladies…Talk about the power of #LIVEWELL!

On The Floor

Vol. 2, Issue 10 | 03/15/2023


Cali Santamaria is Here to Talk to Talk About Better-U

RDI’s affinity group, Better-U is a safe and equitable space where people from all walks of life are welcome to share their struggles and successes. Their goal is to acknowledge that our employees are people, first and foremost, and that part of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining wellness and balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Join them virtually for Meditation Mondays every other week at 12:00 PM EST. It’s a place to come and enjoy the silence for 15 minutes. You’ll start with a breathing exercise to help calm the mind and body. A short meditation will follow.

Better-U is has partnered up with Henderson to create Safe Place. It’s a place for you to discuss your challenges, wins, and opportunities to connect with others and support and be supported.

Watch the full video for even more exciting things coming up with Better-U!

Better-U is open to everyone! To join, reach out to and join the RDI Better-U Facebook group at .


Gift Bag Goal Almost Doubles to Help the Homeless

Our Latonia team made a huge IMPACT by providing gift bags to the homeless. They had a goal to put together 50 bags and crushed that goal by handing out a total of 80! This allowed them to help even more organizations than originally planned!

The gift bags contained every day essential items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, hats, gloves, water, and more to help people in need.

Great job, Latonia and thanks to all who participated to #LEAVEITBETTER!


Learn From the L&D Pros

Join Roxy Brooks and Anne Hart as they show you how to make the most with our Learning Management System, myRDI. We’ll cover your dashboard, user profile, talk about how to submit ideas for courses, and more!

The meeting is scheduled on 3/23/2023. We have two sessions available for your convenience so be sure to add them to your calendar!

11 AM EST –

3 PM EST –

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Milford Gives Thanks to Employees

The Milford team got everyone together to celebrate their hard-working team for Employee Appreciation Day! Employees got to take a break, hang out with one another, and just have fun conversation over a wonderful selection of food.

Thanks to all who continue to make RDI a wonderful place to work and connect.

The Way

Vol. 2, Issue 9 | 03/09/2023


RDI Street Team is Ready for YOU!

Our Street Team is a great way to…yep…you guessed it…get our name out into the streets! We go out to promote working at RDI by telling everyone what an amazing company we are. Sometimes, we’re out holding signs, passing out flyers, and even attending events to talk to the public about all the wonderful opportunities RDI has to offer!

Join your Street Team to promote the company you know and love PLUS it’s a great opportunity to help others better themselves. And yes, you get a free T-shirt!

Reach out to your site’s recruiters if you are interested in joining the Street Team!


What’s New with Chris Martin?

Say Hello to Chris Martin, our trusty VP of Operations for the West Coast! Chris has been with RDI for 14 years where he started as an agent!

Chris grew up in Oxford and throughout life has had 8 siblings! His childhood dog was a German Shepherd mix named Princess. Currently, he snuggles with Dobbie, a Yorkie/Chihuahua!

His favorite team are the LA Rams and his favorite color is green because it’s the color of WINNING!

Chris has had two amazing mentors throughout his career at RDI. Matt Dowd and Joe Catanzaro. Joe and Chris were actually roommates for a bit! The biggest things he learned from his mentors were financial security, independence, and making sure he doesn’t ever waste his potential.

Recently, he’s been eating grapefruit by the tub every morning. (We think it’s the secret to his glowing skin.)

His passion for hip-hop led him to start a non-profit to throw hip hop shows with a community-unity and small business flare added to it!


Another Bootcamp to Help Foster Growth

Last week, RDI’ers attended Bootcamp to network with RDI Leadership and learn what it takes to pursue their goals within RDI. Attendees got to sit and talk with RDI leaders and executives and heard their RDI stories, all the different career paths available in our organization, and more.

Take a look at the Bootcamp highlights to see what all the hype is all about!

The Fire

Vol. 2, Issue 8 |03/03/2023


And the Winner is…

How they do it? Chris Griffin and Jon Sprik are here to announce the winner of the Year-end Think Well Award of a whopping $1000.

This award goes to one lucky RDI employee who submits an awesome idea that works to #LEAVEITBETTER at RDI!

But wait…

It looks like Chris and Jon had a hard time picking just one winner. That’s when Billy jumps in with yet another great idea!

THIS year’s award goes to not one but TWO amazing “Go Getters!”

Congrats to Christopher Marshall for bringing us all together with  your Family Photo Shoot idea!

Congrats to Nik Hardin Jr. for your idea that drove employee representation, accessibility, and coaching and  development!

What would YOU do with an extra grand?


RDI Wants to Leave YOU Better!

Amanda Wash is here to give you the details about ALL the college opportunities we have available for RDI employees. Interested in higher education? 🎓 If you want to “up” your skillset and earn or finish that degree, these opportunities may be for you.

Start or finish that degree you’ve always wanted with a 20% discount from Indiana Tech AND college credit for myRDI approved courses, and 10% off SNHU course programs!


PLUS, another partnership is blossoming with the University of Cincinnati ONLINE. (Does not apply to campus courses.) More information is coming soon. You can keep up to speed on the developments of the new UC partnership and more in WinnerWare.



Lack of organization can be a significant thief of productivity and increase stress levels while working. This training focuses on some thought processes and tips for ways to get organized both at home and at work.

Join us for this month’s FCOM for organizational life hacks for the home and office.

Interested in joining an Affinity Group?

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