RDI Corporation - Culture of Caring

Winning Smart: A Culture of Caring that Starts with Each One of Us

At the heart of a successful team, you will find the selfless and caring hearts of its members.

Culture of Caring

The idea of a Culture of Caring encompasses many things:

  • Leaders caring about employees
  • Employees caring for each other and for customers
  • Everyone in the company caring about the company’s purpose

RDI stands out among our competitors because our culture starts with the caring relationships we have with each other.

Building Deeper Relationships

As RDI grows it becomes more difficult to establish personal relationships with every employee, but building deeper relationships with our team is still our primary goal. At an operational level, this can mean things like spending more frequent “face-time” with teams, or having a Zoom meeting instead of communicating by emails.

Think of Others First

A Culture of Caring focuses on what you bring to the table.  Becoming a successful team begins with teammates who want to provide more value than they receive, who willingly and actively serve each other, who think of others first and put their own needs last, and who desire the success of the team over their own.  As team members think of others first, they actually lose little and gain much more.

Many of us like to serve others in our homes, churches, and even communities, but rarely do we see the same level of service in our work culture.  RDI has a strong history of giving back to our community.  However, when we focus on each other’s needs, great things happen as everyone works together.  When we truly become servants to one another, the level of caring and trust in our culture and on our teams increases dramatically.

Successful Together

When we put the team first, we are regularly thinking about the team’s performance and how to be successful together.  We realize that we can’t be as successful alone.  No one is satisfied until we are all succeeding.  We work together and take very little individual credit, preferring to give it to the team instead.  At RDI, we know that in order for one to succeed, all have to succeed.  Winning Smart is not just about winning.  It is about a Culture of Caring that starts with each one of us.


Bronson Trebbi

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