Storage: Backup Solutions

Server crashes can affect any business, and can stem from such mundane causes as human error, power outage and hardware failure. A local backup or off-site cloud storage solution may provide some relief in the form of simple recovery of files, folder, and email data, but may be insufficient to address total server loss.

You back up your data for regulatory requirements or system failure but storing it can be costly. We can manage backups and storage so you don’t have to – and we can help get your systems up and running in the event of a system failure.

With increased audit and regulatory requirements, protecting and storing data is critical. Regardless of your application or storage requirements we offer:

  • Fully managed backups
  • Optimized back up for improved application performance
  • Offsite archive and storage

Backup and storage tips that can save you millions:

  • Don’t trust your backups to just anyone – Certified engineers will perform scheduled or on-demand backup for you daily ensuring actual applications and data are being saved.
  • Watch out for failed or incomplete backups – Regulations and audit requirements are stringent, so make sure you are saving the appropriate data you need and storing it in a safe location.
  • Know what you are backing up – Backing up data is good but if you aren’t backing up your applications your business won’t survive in the event of a system outage or failure.
  • Don’t let your budget increase with your storage amount – Increased regulations can increase the amount of data you have to store, streamline and look for storage efficiencies.


Critical data must be stored, protected and ready for recovery. In the event of a disaster or human error, you need to know your data is available for recovery.

Secured storage services include:

  • Fiber switch network for connectivity
  • Virtual SAN and NAS storage
  • Virtual SAN fabric
  • Scalable in 25GB increments


Stop wasting valuable resources on tedious backup tasks – let us do it for you. Eliminate tedious daily backup jobs so your IT resources can to work on other business initiatives.

Automated backup services include:

  • Automated full and differentials backups
  • 24/7/365 backup infrastructure management, including operations, administration and maintenance
  • Backup job monitoring – job failure notification