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About Us.

Our mission is to
improve your business.
We wear your jersey and we are in it to win it with Grit and Grace.

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champions at strategy

RDI Corp. is a family-owned and operated team of service solutions committed to the relentless pursuit of the ultimate customer experience. We’re told we transcend the role of the traditional BPO, unlocking benefits such as increased customer loyalty, reduced costs and increased revenue for our clients. The key to our success is our ability to optimize customer relationships, tailoring our expansive operational expertise, technology and market intelligence to the needs of each individual business. Founded in 1978 in Cincinnati, OH, RDI is still growing, with 11 domestic and near-shore locations and more than 3,500 employees.






mission & vision

At RDI, our mission is simple:
Champions at strategy.
Proven Execution.
Experts in Winning.
We accomplish our mission by valuing our customers and working to make their lives better.

winning smart

Winning Smart plays a major role in RDI’s success. Winning does not mean at any cost. Other companies may focus only on the desired outcome, never caring how they get there.  Our success starts and stops with our number one asset:  our people. RDI focuses on developing the strengths of our employees and putting them in the right position to win.  Once we identify each individual’s strength, we support and develop them to reach their true potential.  Winning Smart for us means that RDI makes use of every smart tool, technique and thought it can identify in order to achieve and maintain an ongoing winning record.

nonprofit & community involvement

Giving back to our community brings people together. RDI is deeply committed to helping nonprofit organizations and schools do more and achieve more. RDI GiveBack was created to provide our employees an opportunity to increase their IMPACT in the community through company matching, employee grants and paid time off to support their favorite nonprofits. 


Earn Well, Learn Well & Live Well.

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