Type of Market Research Conducted First

When RDI provides outsourced market research to our clients, we begin with a step by step process. One of the first types of market research we conduct is the demand for the particular product and service that your company offers. After evaluating the demand for your products and services, RDI’s market research team then evaluates customer profiles and finds the best ways to appeal to potential customers with a given marketing campaign.

Industry Analysis

After the initial market research, we conduct industry-specific research. By completing an industry analysis, our market research team spends time evaluating the most recent trends of your industry and prepares a comparison based on how your company measures up to other businesses within the industry. The research includes a comparison of the quality of products and services, the type of products and services, and the prices charged compared to competitors. With industry analysis, RDI compiles and analyzes the research in order to help improve your company's visibility and bottom-line results.

Primary Research Firms

Whenever a business is looking to outsource marketing services, they often focus on working with primary research firms. A primary research firm like RDI specializes in performing basic research about an industry and the competition that a particular enterprise faces. The primary research helps your company come up with an initial evaluation that aids in planning marketing campaigns and target audiences. RDI’s primary research firm evaluates the most basic aspects of a given industry and group of companies with their services.


Outsourcing Market

RDI Corporation offers a wide range of services that provide your business with expertise in order to market more effectively to achieve your desired results.  Our customer satisfaction outranks other firms putting your business in a better position to get comprehensive assistance and in-depth research to make informed decisions regarding marketing operations.

Market Research Service

If your organization is looking for an outsourced marketing service, you need to know the exact type of assistance that you’ll receive. RDI Corporation is an ideal solution for outsourced marketing because we provide valuable data and information about your specific industry. Along with offering data and information, RDI Corporation offers in-depth comparisons of competitors and continuously monitors the results of your campaign. Along with all of these options, RDI Corporation offers plenty of experience which enables your business to know that you are working with a reputable company when looking into outsourced marketing.

Global Marketing Research Service

Organizations that are looking to obtain a better grasp of their industry market benefit from using RDI Corporation because it is a global firm. RDI Corporation evaluates any market throughout the entire world. As a result, your organization is able to obtain the data needed to meet the needs of customers in any given market. As a global firm, RDI Corporation is ideal for outsourcing because of its foreign location for many enterprises. With outsourcing, your organization can take advantage of convenience and a reduction in costs when it comes to evaluating the market of your advertising campaigns.

Syndicated Market Research Companies

RDI Corporation is an ideal market research firm because it is highly syndicated. Our company studies a majority of factors in any market. In a given market, RDI Corporation acquires new information about the current trends in a given industry. With the new information, RDI Corporation is able to provide your organization with valuable market data that ensures you to stay up to date with marketing efforts at all times. Along with acquiring new data, at RDI Corporation we use our experience to asset any enterprise that intends to promote itself more effectively. As a result, RDI Corporation is among the most efficient market evaluation firms for organizations that prefer outsourcing their marketing.

RDI saves you time and energy and provides expertise on how to regularly maximize your marketing efforts. Learn more about RDI's other services like call center outsourcing solutions, domestic call centers, services for financial institutions, both inbound services and outbound, outsourced technical support, and many more. If you’re ready to take your market research to the next level reach out to an RDI representative today.