Our Culture: ELL Well

What makes our employees highly engaged, dedicated, enthusiastic and incredibly happy? It didn’t happen overnight. Our culture was built over time and lead by passionate individuals who are all focused and committed to the same goal.

ELL Well

ELL Well is to RDI
what wheels are to a car.

It’s how we move people forward,
both here at RDI and in their personal lives.

Earn Well, Learn Well, Live Well.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that embracing a diverse workforce not only enhances our culture, but is key to our company’s success.

RDI is committed to providing the resources and investment in each individual so that they can unlock their true potential.

We have a culture of support and growth where employees feel they truly belong.

Earn Well

We’ll pay you a
competitive wage.

Learn Well

We’ll teach you
career and life skills.

Live Well

We’ll help you set goals
and celebrate with you
when you reach them.

Our Affinity Groups support RDI’s commitment to creating an equitable workplace for all. The groups are employee-led and open to any employee who supports the group’s mission/vision as a self-identified member or an ally.

core values: ways to winning smart

Success doesn’t happen by accident. We believe tangible results can be achieved through our core values or as we call them: Ways to Winning Smart. Fueled by curiosity, flexibility and optimism, if you are willing to make a commitment to our clients and teach others, you will succeed.

Develop our people to THINK; don’t rush to conclusions, ask questions, draw from our experience and that of our team, and develop a PLAN. Plan the work. Work the plan.
We HUSTLE; acting with a sense of urgency to knock down obstacles and deliver a win for the team. Give your all to the cause.
We demonstrate our GRIT and resilience by fighting through the tough stuff.
We SERVE with humility, putting the greater good above our own, never worrying about who gets the credit; constantly look for ways to help others in need.
Our IMPACT goes far beyond the bottom line. We understand the influence we have, the power to build up and elevate, or tear down. Every action, interaction, and touch results in us leaving it better than we found it.
Our people are our greatest asset and our best investment.