What is Call Center Outsourcing

A call center refers to a team of customer service representatives who have the experience to provide support to your customers in a timely fashion. RDI’s initial services, both inbound call center outsourcing and outbound services, capture all forms of communication, primarily phone calls that come in inquiring about your services; our agents can provide general information about your company or direct calls to different employees and departments. In order for you to focus on your more important services, RDI answers the phone, screening calls, and providing information about the services that you offer, saving you time and money.

Other Services Provided By RDI Call Centers

A call center team is much more than answering the incoming phone calls. RDI call centers are designed to cover all forms of communication, including chat and email. From general information to scheduling appointments, we are the first interaction that most of your customers have with your company. The best way to ensure that this first interaction is professional and maintains your standards is by outsourcing to RDI as we strive to make a great first impression. There are a number of additional services, like domestic call center outsourcing, market research, outsource technical support and more described below that RDI can provide for your business so that you can focus on what is important including:

How Much Does It Cost To Outsource A Call Center?

The cost to outsource a call center varies on the size of the outsourced team and the services that you are requiring them to maintain. RDI quotes are based upon the agreed-upon services for your call center needs. RDI’s outsourced call center solutions include 24/7 services within the price, if you have a business that requires services around the clock, every day. In order to get an actual quote for our call center services, you can reach out to one of our representatives directly.

How Do I Start Outsourcing A Call Center?

Most clients who choose to outsource a call center look to their growing needs and the volume of leads they receive daily. If they are not able to answer all or most of their leads that they are generating daily, it is time to outsource this service so that each lead can be answered and analyzed.
Once your company decides to take on outsourcing, evaluate the services that you require for your business, and compare them to the services offered by call centers. Are there additional services that you do not have yet, but would you like to include? RDI is here to help navigate these concerns, our call center not only helps to meet your current needs but works to leverage your service vision for the future.

What Companies Outsource Call Centers?

The companies that are choosing to outsource call centers are those that are continuing to grow and are generating positive leads each month. Small and large businesses have seen the benefits of outsourcing and have continued to grow because of it. Having multiple channels of communication available, they are able to increase their lead intake by large percentages.

Some of the most common industries that pursue outsourcing call centers are law firms, healthcare agencies, higher education institutions, and financial service businesses that experience a high call volume daily. Truly, any company that provides customer service can benefit from the services provided by call centers through both phone interaction and email.

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