Outsource Outbound Sales Calls

By outsourcing outbound sales calls, companies can shift the burden away from in-house staff in order to focus on tasks that are more important. RDI analyzes incoming data, handles customer service issues, and looks for more business opportunities. By outsourcing outbound sales calls to RDI, you place this task in the hands of professionals who have been specifically trained for the job from analyzing customer’s questions or tone of voice to identifying their exact needs. We are able to tailor our responses to address the needs of the customer which leads to a higher sales conversion rate, more revenue, and increased growth opportunities for your company.

Cold Call Service

At RDI Corporation, our cold calling database ensures this task is handled effectively. We have trained our team to have a high success rate on our cold calls using tried and proven techniques and methods that work in the era of caller ID leading to increased sales and satisfied customers.

Even though email marketing and social media are important parts of the digital world, it is still important to approach marketing with a well-rounded approach. With cold-calling, there is a one-on-one connection that is made with the prospect which provides a personalized service. In addition, through cold calling, we are able to connect directly with the prospect instead of waiting for him or her to open and respond to an email.

Finally, through cold calling, RDI gets the prospect to talk about a problem they are facing. Then, our professionals tailor responses to how the business or company creates and uses a product or service to solve the problem which leads to higher success rates.

Call Center Services

One of the major benefits of working with RDI is the value-based service that we provide. We know that many businesses are trying to keep their overhead costs under control, that is why we can tailor our pricing metrics to meet your specific needs. Our services include call center outsourcing solutions, domestic call center solutions, services for the financial industry, market research, technical support, and many more.

Some of our clients prefer to have a flat rate because this is more predictable. If this is what is needed, we can come up with a flat, monthly rate that can be extended as long as necessary. We know how to tailor our pricing to meet the needs of our clients, providing you with the predictability and transparency that you deserve.

On the other hand, some clients might want to have a pay as you go service. Some clients like to scale their services up or down because their business is seasonal in nature and we are happy to scale up and down to meet your needs, ensuring that you get the most out of every dollar you spend.

Contact Center Sales

One of the ways that RDI provides success for your company is through our contact center sales. We analyze the data from our agents, clients, and sales and implement advanced marketing analytics to take a look at the trends. Based on the data we make informed decisions to increase leads. Our unique market research makes us a leader in the industry.

The result is a service that has been optimized to meet the needs of our clients. We have fine-tuned our training to make sure that our agents achieve superior conversion rates. The result is a higher sales rate, increased revenue, and more satisfied clients. RDI provides unparalleled service through our contact center sales.

What is an outbound call center?

At an outbound call center, we carry out market research using customer experience surveys that allow us to tailor our calls to meet the needs of our clients. We use our outbound calls process to carry out lead generation, conversion calls into sales, helping our clients find those valuable hidden sources of revenue.

What are the benefits of an outbound call center?

Our support team provides our clients and customers the help they need through the experienced services of our outbound call center services. At our call center, we have trained our staff to specialize in sales, marketing, help, and leads providing superior service for you and your customers.

How does an outbound call center work?

Our company uses experience to find customers that have needs that must be met by acting as a measure of support, connecting customers with companies that can meet their needs. This translates into increased sales and revenue, leveraging unique solutions in the industry.

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