Outsourced Customer Service Call Center

Inbound call center outsourcing solutions are becoming more common. When you make the decision to go with RDI, you are relying on our experts to alleviate the inbound calls for your team. This is a great way for your business to expand in other departments since you will be saving money on training and labor.

What is Inbound Customer Service?

The job of inbound customer service is diverse, and RDI is equipped with the tools to help your company succeed. There are three separate ways that RDI provides inbound customer service. First, through inbound calls over the phone; this is where a support representative helps with an issue customers are having. Next, there is email support; these are usually handled in a more comprehensive manner by a team that has been trained on email etiquette. Finally, there is also a chat function on your website or mobile app used for customer service and support. This chat function is useful because customers do not have to worry about being unable to understand the person on the other end of the line. Furthermore, they can get the help they need via links that are sent through the chat feature. This team is important to RDI and a vital aspect of our inbound customer service center.

Third-Party Call Center Services

There are benefits that come with RDI call center outsourcing. When you decide to outsource these services with us, you’re placing the customer in the hands of an RDI specialist who has been trained specifically to handle these issues. Our call center outsourcing is actually beneficial for both your business as well as your customers. Your company gets to shift the expenses of call centers off-site for a flat-rate fee and your customers get to work with specialists 24/7 who can help them deal with orders, sales, and support issues.

Contact Customer Service

Another important job that is filled by RDI is customer service. When someone takes the time to contact customer service, they have an issue that is big enough for them to go through the trouble of calling for help. Therefore, it is important that RDI has customer service representatives that are able to work nights and weekends since not everyone is able to call during normal business hours. At RDI, our professionals are patient and let the customer vent before coming up with a solution to their problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is the process of taking a call center and placing it in the hands of a third-party that has a tremendous amount of experience dealing with these issues. In addition, RDI call centers provide extended contact hours and work every weekend to provide exceptional service. RDI offers a variety of service including both inbound and outbound call center services, domestic call center outsourcing, services for the financial industry, market research outsourcing, technical support services, and many more.

What Companies Outsource Call Centers?

Many big business companies outsource call centers but there are types of companies that use these services more than others. Large online companies and companies that make their profit online use outsource call centers for their millions of customers and users. Many large bank companies outsource their calls as well.

Both companies and customers benefit from call center outsourcing. The goal of a business is to make the life of a customer easier and the business doesn’t exist without the customer and their satisfaction. RDI strives for customer retention by listening to the customers’ needs and wants.

What Is the Inbound Process in a Call Center?

An inbound call center handles calls coming in from customers. When a call reaches the call center representative at RDI, it is placed in the hands of someone with expert knowledge of experience dealing with these issues. There are specialists who handle specific types of issues and this is how calls are sorted.