Your IT Help Desk Partner

Consider RDI Corporation for technical support and as your IT helpdesk partner. We provide comprehensive services for your institution to give it the upgrade it needs. We offer technical support outsourcing services, including hardware support, production activation, broadband support, managed mobility support, and other operations available for outsourcing. You can also get expert technical services on new product testing, bug fixing, patch management, warranty management, dispute resolution, trouble ticket management, and live chat support. We offer our services across all industries such as financial companies, health institutions, and retail businesses.

We offer our customers excellent remote IT help desk outsourcing technical support services, network support, software application support, installation or configuration support, database upgrades, service pack, engineer dispatch management, email support, and customer query helpdesk. Our IT support engineers help you in disaster recovery too. We are dedicated to providing every client with high-quality services for the satisfaction of your customers.

How do you outsource customer service?

RDI is happy to help get the process started for you by working to set clear goals and expectations for the partnership. Clear communication channels are created to ensure the technical strategies are implemented in order to create successful customer service and bring you more customers. If you are ready for outsourcing services, you can contact us at RDI Corporation for expert assistance.

Tech Support Agents

We have the best technical support agents on our team. Our technical support agents are on the phone any time you have inquiries or trouble tickets. The technical support agents are here to answer phone calls, submit service requests, log calls, respond to help applications, and troubleshoot problems. If they cannot handle the technical issues over the phone, our tier level 1 agent schedules a team to fix the problem, keeping track of all the details concerning customer technical issues along the way.

Outsourced Tech Support Companies

RDI Corporation is a technical support company where you can outsource technical and IT support. You have to weigh your options wisely before outsourcing technical services from millions of companies out there. For the best deal and proficient services, call us if you decide to outsource technical and IT support services or need help transitioning from your current technical support. Outsourcing technical services with us might be the perfect support solution for your customers' human resources issues or business failure.

All-Day Tech Support

RDI Corporation provides professional 24 hours of customer technical support service across all technical industries in the market. We are always here to offer you IT support and comprehensive customer technical support services, and we serve you anytime, anywhere. We deliver responses to our customers right away and with a more personalized approach that keeps them feeling confident when they come back for more support services. RDI Corporation boosts your institution's business core development to attract more customers for business profitability. We handle our monthly reports carefully focusing on continuously improving upon technical services, new services, and providing customer support updates through email reports.

Software Support Outsourcing

We offer quality expert software support for a wide range of companies to meet your specific business needs. RDI has you covered; we are proud to be your partner in handling your software technical issues. Our team can provide software support for Microsoft software including mail exchange and Office 365. Cybersecurity is also a top priority. Our certified team of experts work to protect your network and programs from attackers and can help you train your team to assess any potential threats.

IT Support Outsourcing

We guarantee our clients a remarkable customer experience and business operations on the current network developed. We help your employees to work comfortably on digital platforms and to adopt the newest technological appliances and software applications. As IT support providers, we offer the following conventional services to every customer; data backup and recovery, network monitoring, data store or warehouse management, process enforcement, and other support services.

RDI Corporation is an excellent technical support and IT service provider to consider for your business. Working in partnership with us is the best decision you can make to alleviate the workload of your internal team. We offer a varitey of services including call center outsourcing, domestic call center outsourcing, both inboud services and outbound services, market research outsourcing, and much more. You can visit our website and contact us at any time for a remarkable customer experience.