About Biz Over Brews

Biz Over Brews is an interactive panel discussion with business leaders and experts on their winning smart and resilient approach to security, consumer insights, outsourcing, healthcare, technology, and business trends. This monthly MVP virtual networking event is every 3rd Thursday @ 4:00 PM. Please register in advance. Space is limited.

If you can’t make it or want to take a listen to a previous podcast episode, you can find the recorded audio ready and waiting for you here on our website. And if you’d like to be one of our guest panelists, we’d love to connect with you. Each episode is brought to you by RDI corporation. RDI is an outsourcing partner for call center, IT, Market insights, and Digital. Learn more about RDI, and thank you for checking us out.


Host Info

Stacy Dye, SVP/GM Quantitative Insights, RDI Sightline

Stacy works with brands across the US to leverage the power of customer experience research and insights to fuel business growth. During her 20+ years in research, she has worked with clients to drive understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, usage of research as a tool to improve sales and customer satisfaction. She is a skilled facilitator of strategic and action planning sessions, which assist clients by engaging employees (from executive to line level) to create long-range plans to improve research results, and long-term growth. Additionally, as head of quantitative insights for RDI Sightline, she works with clients to elevate the profile of the contact center from “call maker/taker” to business insights contributor, utilizing a combination of traditional research methods alongside innovative technologies, such as speech and text analytics.


I already signed up for the next one. Awesome event.

Thank you so much! It was very informative! I will look out for other sessions!

I thought the event had an amazing turnout and the content from the panel was on target!