RDI Corporation - Biz Over Brews Virtual Networking Event - Winning Smart with Contingency Planning

Biz Over Brews: Winning Smart with Contingency Planning

Live online interactive executive panel sharing their approach on winning smart with contingency planning.


About Our Contingency Planning Event

Listen to the Biz Over Brews panel conversation on contingency planning. RDI interviewed subject matter experts to get the inside scoop on their winning smart approach to contingency planning. If disasters strikes, find out the benefits of having a ready-to-go contingency plan to safeguard data, minimize disruption and avert panic. if you missed this live Q&A discussion to see how a great plan can minimize operational loss, we’ll be posting the podcast audio soon.

Contingency Planning Panel Questions & Topics included:

  1. What is Contingency Planning for IT?In 2018, a Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that, where a security breach had occurred, 94% of businesses who had contingency plans found them to be effective. But, startlingly, only 13% of businesses had such procedures in place.
  2. Give us a real-world example of what happened to your business or a company you’ve worked with that didn’t have a Contingency Plan (CP) and a disaster occurred.
  3. Healthcare seems to be a major targeted vertical, and Goldsboro Pediatrics has the added potential for hurricane weather. Given those factors, what contingency plans has your organization created at a high level to ensure continuous patient care? (Michael Riddick)
  4. What are the benefits of creating a Contingency Plan?
  5. One benefit of a Contingency Plan is in preventing panic. Have you seen the impact of panic when a company experiences a breach?
  6. What are the main obstacles to overcome to build a Contingency Plan?
  7. What role does the Risk Assessment have in Contingency Planning?
  8. What is your company’s process to assess for a Contingency Plan?
  9. What are the first most important steps that a client should focus on when developing a contingency plan?
  10. Give examples of proactive and reactive steps, when facing Ransomware.
  11. If data exfiltration has happened, what are the top steps to take and what do we need to know? For example: Find and stop the initial intrusion, Discover what has been impacted, etc.
  12. What type of information should be provided to other 3rd parties? Including: Insurance, Legal, PR, Forensic, Regulators
  13. What is one big takeaway you would like our attendees to remember from today’s discussion?

Meet Our Contingency Planning Panel:

Event Host

  • Stacy Dye, SVP/GM Quantitative Insights, RDI
    Stacy works with brands across the United States to leverage the power of customer experience research and insights to fuel business growth. During her 20+ years in research, she has worked with clients across a broad range of industries to drive understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, usage of research as a tool to improve sales and customer satisfaction. She is a skilled facilitator of strategic and action planning sessions, which assist clients by engaging employees (from executive to line level) to create long-range plans to improve research results, and long-term growth. Additionally, as head of quantitative insights for RDI Sightline, she works with clients to elevate the profile of the contact center from “call maker/taker” to business insights contributor, utilizing a combination of traditional research methods alongside innovative technologies, such as speech and text analytics.

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