Biz Over Brews - Winning Smart with Telehealth

Biz Over Brews: Winning Smart with Telehealth

Live online interactive panel of Healthcare leaders share insights & forecasts on winning smart with telehealth.


About this Telehealth Networking Event

On October 22, 2020 from 4-5 PM RDI hosted an essential telehealth event! RDI interviewed healthcare leaders from behavioral health, FQHC, and additional specialties to get their inside scoop on how COVID-19 has impacted patient engagement and how they are helping their patients master the skill of audio/video telehealth.

Telehealth Panelists

  • Alex Loehrer – Chief Operating Officer, Compass Point
    Chief Operating Officer for two businesses, including an outpatient mental health therapy practice called Compass Point Counselling Services. Compass Point has about 14 offices throughout Ohio and Kentucky, and we provide care to about 950 clients a week in the outpatient environment. Our other affiliated business is called Practice Resources Network, and it’s a managed services organization that provides all the services that outpatient mental health needs to practice: credentialing, marketing, scheduling, revenue cycle, continuing education, so on and so forth. We’re headquartered here in Cincinnati.

  • Chuck Hutchings – Director of Healthcare Services, RDI
    Director of Healthcare Services with RDI. Our healthcare service is aligned very closely with the IT division, in the fact that operations and IT are very close collaboratively within EMRs, billing software, etc. We collaborate with new office startups, new entities, and the expansion of present services within the Midwest market. Besides business expansions, we serve the existing RDI clients as well, which there are several hundred that we have and we maintain services within over 20 states. If you add all of our active providers together, there are over a thousand that we service. We are a well-kept secret within the healthcare realm. I’m thrilled to death to be part of a team that services those providers.

  • Lisa Baker – Executive Director, TriHealth
    I have the pleasure of serving TriHealth in a system role around network development. Prior to this current role, I’ve been in healthcare for about 30 years. Have had a passion around both the ambulatory and the inpatient service lines, specifically with cardiovascular being my number one passion, but impacting every aspect of the network in this role. Thank you, and look forward to the questions.
  • Scott Farmer – System Director, Bon Secours Mercy Health
    System Director of our enterprise contact centers, and serve the ministry from an operations perspective around patient access and patient engagement

Telehealth Topics Include

  1. How has the pandemic impacted patient interactions?
  2. Has direct care staff remained in-office for telehealth services or are they working remotely?
  3. How have connectivity or security issues affected clients as we expand virtual telehealth visits?
  4. Is telehealth a new screening tool for new patients before in-person visits or assessments?
  5. Have there been increased requests for out-of-state care using telehealth?
  6. Are the young, old, frequent, or seldom patients adopting telehealth visits?

Event Host

  • Stacy Dye, SVP/GM Quantitative Insights, RDI
    Stacy works with brands across the United States to leverage the power of customer experience research and insights to fuel business growth. During her 20+ years in research, she has worked with clients across a broad range of industries to drive understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, usage of research as a tool to improve sales and customer satisfaction. She is a skilled facilitator of strategic and action planning sessions, which assist clients by engaging employees (from executive to line level) to create long-range plans to improve research results, and long-term growth. Additionally, as head of quantitative insights for RDI Sightline, she works with clients to elevate the profile of the contact center from “call maker/taker” to business insights contributor, utilizing a combination of traditional research methods alongside innovative technologies, such as speech and text analytics.


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