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How To Be a Better Leader and Bring Culture to Life in the Workplace

We know the difference a team can make when they truly come together, work together and SERVE together.  Ultimately they have an IMPACT together.  Our culture of Earn Well, Learn Well, and Live Well (ELL Well) brings our team together as one family.  We may work at different sites on different programs, but we are still together.  We become one culture under ELL Well, and it creates a unified and powerful team.

We are Better Together

What happens when one employee at one site doesn’t live our culture?  It affects the entire organization.  It is up to each one us to do our part, and bring ELL Well to life each and every day.  It must be known, owned, and energized at every level.  The job of a leader is to identify what we stand for and share our vision.  We are better together.

Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting, and most importantly a way of communicating.” – Simon Sinek

Culture & Leadership

A key ingredient in bringing ELL Well to life is front-line leadership.  Remember, leadership does not always come with a title.  For RDI to continue growing we need individuals to accept the challenge and lead. Specifically, the ability of a leader at the program level to influence and inspire their people, instead of just delegating tasks.

Below are a few action steps individuals can implement to be a better leader and bring ELL Well to life:

1) Caring

If you want to truly inspire your people to be more productive and collaborative in the long run, you must invest the time to replace empty dialogue with more meaningful communication.  Passion starts with caring, and so does ELL Well.

2) Positivity

Leaders don’t complain. Once you complain, you are creating a culture that says complaining is the norm, because the leader not only allows it, but practices it. Emotions are contagious and as a leader, you set the tone for your team.

3) Culture

As a leader, you must also be able to communicate our culture of Earn Well, Learn Well, and Live Well, as well as what’s in it for your team. No one wants to get on a bus with a driver that doesn’t know where they’re going, or worse, doesn’t even know how to drive.

4) Relationships

Strong relationships drive real motivation and change. You can have a great culture but our philosophy will fail if you don’t have strong relationships with the people you lead. Communicate to connect and show the people you care about them before you need something from them. Do that, and your belief will transfer to your team in a more meaningful and powerful way.


Bronson Trebbi

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