Biz Over Brews - Winning Smart with Security

Biz Over Brews: Winning Smart with Security

Live online interactive subject matter security expert panel sharing their approach on winning smart with security.


About Our Security Event

Listen to the Biz Over Brews panel conversation on the biggest threats affecting security in 2020, phishing and ransomware. Both are expected to grow in 2021.  RDI Intuitive Technical hosted an open forum panel discussion that looked at:

  • What is the best way to limit the risk of phishing and ransomware?
  • What are other companies doing?
  • What is working and what is not.

The panel had security subject matter experts include a CISO and an FBI Cybersecurity Specialist. Get the inside scoop on their winning smart approach to IT security, phishing email alerts, ransomware attacks, backups, and more.

This live event was recorded on December 10th from 4-5 PM. Thank you to our sponsor, Datto, for the 8 $100 gift cards, and congratulations to those winners.

Security Panelists

  • Jason Pryce – I am from Datto. Based out of Norwalk, Connecticut, my current role is Channel Development Manager. So I’m typically just educating people on the threat landscape that we’re seeing out there.
  • Robert Warfel – I am a recovering attorney, former FBI agent who retired after 23 years working in a variety of different assignments. Currently, I’m the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Dolph Smith, CISSP – I’m an Account Executive with Sophos. I’ve been in the industry for a little over 25 years now. I say I used to be smart, I might be the dumb guy on the panel today. I’ve been in a sales role for a little while, but a lot of engineering in my background; sales engineering and network security. So I’ve been in the cybersecurity space for quite some time, and I’m based in the Columbus area.
  • Chris Anderson, MSIS, CISSP – Chief Information Security Officer with RDI. A lot like Dolph, but I’ve stayed in the cybersecurity space. So I’m one of those technical guys. I deal a lot with regulations, compliance, and just pretty much anything cybersecurity-related.

Security Panel Questions & Topics Included:

  1. [3:35] What security cyber threats do you feel are most concerning to businesses today, and how are they changing over time?
  2. [8:37] What is the first step that companies should be taking to reduce the chances of being a victim of cybercrime, or what security best practices should they be taking?
  3. [13:41] Now that we have all these people working remotely, how does that change the risk profile? What can people do about that? What options are out there for protecting people that have so many remote employees
  4. [15:27] In terms of remote employees, how can cybersecurity training and education be adapted for those employees?
  5. [19:25] Can you describe what a typical company encounters when it discovers it’s been hacked?
  6. [21:07] What is the damage like when a company is hacked; when there’s a security breach, what’s the damage typically?
  7. [27:10] What questions should we be asking the insurance company about cyber insurance?
  8. [28:04] What types of security products are out there to help protect companies from being hacked, or to help them detect and minimize the risk when they are being attacked?
  9. [31:24] What is and what is not working with regard to ransomware or phishing; any real-world examples that you can share?
  10. [39:00] Are employee smartphones a potential threat, and if they get infected, can that ultimately impact an employer if the employee uses the phone for work?
  11. [44:56] We’ve talked a lot about the effects of ransomware in particular. What is the best way on the frontend that people can really limit the risk of phishing and ransomware?
  12. [46:07] Why is people’s personal information so important to criminals out there?
  13. [49:20] If there was one thing that you would want business executives to take away from this conversation, what would it be?

Event Host

  • Stacy Dye, SVP/GM Quantitative Insights, RDI
    Stacy works with brands across the United States to leverage the power of customer experience research and insights to fuel business growth. During her 20+ years in research, she has worked with clients across a broad range of industries to drive understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, usage of research as a tool to improve sales and customer satisfaction. She is a skilled facilitator of strategic and action planning sessions, which assist clients by engaging employees (from executive to line level) to create long-range plans to improve research results, and long-term growth. Additionally, as head of quantitative insights for RDI Sightline, she works with clients to elevate the profile of the contact center from “call maker/taker” to business insights contributor, utilizing a combination of traditional research methods alongside innovative technologies, such as speech and text analytics.


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