Leaders Need Courage, Cooperation, and Perseverance to Succeed

Leadership Success Requires Courage, Cooperation, and Perseverance

In these uncertain times, leaders need Courage, Cooperation, and Perseverance to succeed. This balance, and combination, are traits inherent in those who have been through trying times, have always been out front leading their teams, and driving RDI forward.

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air. ~ John Quincy Adams


Behind many acts of courage that we witness, there is cooperation and perseverance. Maybe not in that moment, but in their development. I learned recently that firefighters don’t have the word courage as part of their vocabulary. They believe that their training prepares them for what they will face so that in the moment they ‘do their job’ by following what they are prepared to do. I believe that cooperation and perseverance help us to build our capacity for courage.  It starts with our training and development.


We have an amazing team at RDI. Our ability to move mountains is due in large part to our willingness to work together to accomplish our goals.  All of which underlines the importance of creating the right culture so that collaborative behaviors flourish when team members aren’t just looking out for number one.  More importantly, we don’t work well together because we have to, but rather because we want to.  Cooperation is an essential part of our culture.

Demonstrating GRIT and HUSTLE

Amidst all that we have and are dealing with related to COVID-19, I have been most encouraged by the acts of daily courage by our team. These acts demonstrate a common theme – someone has a need and I will help them. These acts, large to small often recognize the needs of others first. I am encouraged by what I see from our team, left to their own value system ‘rising up’ in the moment demonstrating GRIT and HUSTLE in extraordinary ways.

Energy to Face What We Must Face

The thing I am recognizing about courage is that when we witness it, it gives us energy, it fuels us up, and it can encourage the courage within us. There are many points in our life where cooperation and perseverance are required. These are our moments of courage. Sometimes, the courage just to make it through today, then tomorrow, and then the next. These are not the things that we will see on social media, or make their way to the newspaper or TV, but they are the moments of our lives that help define the next moments of our lives. Sometimes that courage (cooperation and perseverance) is the rallying point that gets us to the next moment and gives us a little more energy to face what we must face.


Bronson Trebbi

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