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What is ELL Well? 5 Ways to Winning Smart

As RDI continues to grow, it is vital that we continue to refine and define our culture.  Our culture, ELL Well, is what drives the performance of our team by providing the framework and opportunity to Earn, Learn and Live Well.  It is what makes RDI is a highly desirable place to work.  ELL Well is who we are, and where we are going.  Our Core Values are the behaviors and actions that get us there.

What Are Core Values?

Core values are guiding principles for ALL of our employees that show us how to be a successful part of the team. They help define who we are as a company and who we invite to work with us.

Our core values speak to who we are as an organization, and to the type of person we hire.  They give a glimpse of how we do business and what the client should expect from us professionally. By looking at our core values, a potential client can see if our ideals align with who they are and what kind of service they need.

“I wanted to shoot you a quick email letting you know how one of your customer service employees went well above and beyond on a request. I have always been a huge fan of quality over quantity and your brand exudes this saying for me.  I pinched pennies back in 2006 and bought my very first cooler. I saved for the better part of 6 months to buy this thing. My friends and even my fiancé at the time thought I was an idiot. To pay so much for a cooler was unheard of at that time and just wasn’t practical, however, I spend a lot of time outside and I fish a lot.  Before I had problems keeping ice for days when I traveled from Charleston to Islamorada to fish.  Ice gets expensive when you’re fishing in 95-degree heat for the better part of a week and trying to keep your fish and beer, uh, water cold.

Long story short, nearly 15 years later I still have the good old cooler that I carry down to the Keys with me every year.  The amount of money my friends have spent on coolers in 15 years far surpasses what I’ve spent for this one cooler.

A couple of months ago I realized the chewed-up nonskid feet were finally wearing out and beginning to leave marks on my boat deck.  I reached out to your Customer Service in hopes of being able to buy new feet.  The first time I reached out, after a couple of days, I received a response saying they didn’t have a record of ever making this cooler type and if they did, it was discontinued and additional feet wouldn’t be in stock.

I shopped online for hours trying to find replacement feet and then just a couple of weeks ago decided to make another attempt to see if somewhere in the back of a warehouse somewhere, someone could find a new set.  Low and behold, one of your Customer Service Reps, Amber H, not only found (1) and shipped it to me, I reached back out to her to see if I could buy the other three that were deteriorating as well. I just received an email from Amber H. stating that I’ve got three more on the way to my house!

What freaking great customer service!

I preach customer service to our company day in and day out and only hope that I can get my guys to be as responsive and diligent as Amber H.  She could have easily said the same thing that I’d heard before and I would have had to figure something else out for the feet because the cooler still holds ice for nearly as long as it did 15 years ago when I bought it.

Thanks again for not only making a great cooler but employing quality and not a quantity of people.  That’s probably the reason I have four other hard-sided and soft-sided coolers to match! Well done guys.”Cade T., Loyal Outdoor & Recreation Brand Customer

RDI Core Values:  5 Ways to Winning Smart

Our Ways to Winning Smart provide a personal identity for our company as well as how we work as a team and with our clients. They are new only in the sense that we define them as our core values.  They have always been part of our DNA.  We live by them, work by them, coach by them, recruit by them, and regularly find ourselves using them in our daily speak and decision making.  It is vital that each member of our RDI team lives these values, and brings them to life every day.


Develop our people to THINK; don’t rush to conclusions, ask questions, draw from our experience and that of our team, and develop a PLAN.  Plan the work. Work the plan.


We HUSTLE; acting with a sense of urgency to knock down obstacles and deliver a win for the team.  Give your all to the cause.

#3. GRIT

We demonstrate our GRIT and resilience by fighting through the tough stuff.


We SERVE with humility, putting the greater good above our own, never worrying about who gets the credit; constantly look for ways to help others in need.


Our IMPACT goes far beyond the bottom line.  We understand the influence we have, the power to build up and elevate, or tear down. Every action, interaction, and touch results in us leaving it better than we found it.

Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.

~ Gandhi

Our Core Values Are the Rules We Play By

Living our Core Values means going beyond memorizing them.  It is important for each of us to personalize them and understand why they are important to us and for RDI to continue to be successful. For RDI, our Ways to Winning Smart are the rules we play by.



Bronson Trebbi

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