RDI Corporation - blog press - Virtual Public Safety Lunch & Learn with Newport, Vermont PD Hosted by RDI

Virtual Public Safety Lunch & Learn with Newport, Vermont PD Hosted by RDI

During National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week, we at RDI focused on one of our most important core values:  SERVE.  To show our appreciation for the brave public safety individuals who put our safety above their own daily, RDI hosted a virtual lunch & learn to show our appreciation and say, “Thank you.”

Virtual Public Safety Lunch & Learn

Several local members of our law enforcement participated in the event. The virtual connect was 30 minutes filled with discussion on

  • Public safety
  • What citizens could do to support the department
  • Our outstanding Newport, Vermont Police department’s career stories
  • Why they chose this courageous career path

Q&A with Newport, Vermont Law Enforcement

Why did you become a police officer?

“I always liked customer service and wanted to help people. I also like to drive fast.” – Royce Lancaster

“I’m in it for the money, actually. Haha! No, I’m just kidding; when I was younger, things just drew me to it. I went to school for Criminal Justice and came here right after.” – Nicholas Rivers

Did you always see yourself working in a small community?

“I’m not a big city kind of person. I always wanted to give back to my hometown. So I chose to stay here in a small community, where you know everybody or will get to know them.” – Travis Bingham

“My family was always involved with the fire department and public service. My grandfather was the Derby Line constable back in the ’40s. I tried working with the State Police, but quickly changed over to Newport PD.” – David Jacobs

“This is my home, and I’ve always wanted to be here.” – Royce Lancaster

Does Newport currently have a neighborhood watch group?

“Nothing formal; we did have one neighborhood that was having issues, so they spearheaded it and got it together. We have pamphlets as a city-wide know if anyone would like more information.” – Royce Lancaster

“Like we discussed before, that’s the great thing about living in a small community; everyone comes together. Our philosophy is, see something say something.” Travis Bingham

How do citizens give compliments or complaints about an interaction they had with your department?

“Pamphlets you can find in our front lobby and follow the steps on how to make a compliment or complaint.” – Travis Bingham

Support Local Public Safety

RDI had a fantastic time collaborating with our local Newport PD Officers. We hope to do it again, only this time it’ll be “Coffee with a Cop”!

In addition to the virtual event, RDI provided local police departments with lunch, cases of water, boxes of granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, and of course, dog treats for the brave K9s we all love so much!

Thank You!

To all of our daily heroes, “Thank you for your selflessness and dedication to keeping us safe!”

Full Recording of the Virtual Public Safety Lunch & Learn


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