RDI Corporation Blog - 6 Ways to Make a Difference on Your Team and in Your Role

6 Ways to Make a Difference on Your Team and in Your Role

An effective team means a group of individuals where each person is committed to working towards a shared goal. Our people have the biggest IMPACT on our culture.  With that said, each one of us has a role that we need to play within our culture.  It is easy to lose sight of our individual contributions without truly understanding the role each of us plays outside of our job functions. So, what is your role?

“Great Difference Makers shift from seeing themselves as workers with an assignment to crank out, to seeing themselves as people with a difference to make.” ~ David Sturt, Great Work

#1 Learn How to Make a Positive Impact

The opportunity to learn more about how we can make a positive IMPACT in RDI is open to everyone. Obviously, not everyone is going to be the CEO today or in the future, and no one will become an expert on every aspect of our organization, but the goal isn’t to become incredible at everything. The goal is to THINK and then to apply those learnings in ways that make a positive contribution.

#2 Reach Out & Learn

If there is a desire to learn and grow within RDI, reach out and find out what the next steps should be.  Inclusive Leaders are always learning.

#3 Educate Yourself at myRDI

Take advantage of all knowledge from myRDI, over 300 free online courses for RDI employees, that is at our fingertips. The more we learn and apply what we learn, the more we will be able to add value and truly understand our role.

#4 Improve Our World and Your Role with One Connection at a Time

Inclusive Leaders aren’t just leaders.  Inclusive Leaders are the ones who understand RDI’s Core Values, Mission and Vision, and know why we are doing what we doing.  They are more aware of problems and THINKing up creative solutions to those issues.  The goal isn’t to change the world.  Inclusive Leaders focus on improving our world one connection at a time.

#5 Surround Yourself with Successful and Motivated People

RDI’s recipe of success is simple:

We surround ourselves with…

  • People who want to perform, and who strive for success.
  • People who we trust to get the job done.
  • People who can and will own an area of responsibility.


  • We set them up for success.

#6 Focus on Your Strengths & Gifts in Your Role

All of this starts with knowing the role that we play and how we fit into the team.  By focusing on our strengths and gifts rather than trying to be something we are not, we can continue Winning Smart.


Bronson Trebbi

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