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How to Be Brave: 4 Ways to Show Courage Every Day

One of the best things you can learn in life is to be brave and face what you fear with strength and courage.  It is a conscious decision to take this position. We must choose to respond with courage and toughness in the face of things that scare or intimidate us.

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill


#1 Decide to Be Brave and Face Fear Head On

You don’t have to wait to feel strong and courageous.  Fears take up too much of our mental bandwidth and time.  You can, at the flip of a switch, choose to uncurl yourself from a defensive, victim position and stand up.  Decide to face it head-on.  And that’s it. No more trembling, no more worst-casing.

#2 Visualize Facing Fear with Strength and Courage

Refuse to let fear take over, especially if you have a tendency to worry about everything.  When you imagine a potential stressful confrontation or situation, visualize yourself facing it with calm strength and courage (rather than imagining all the things that could go wrong). It defuses the situation instantly. Not only that, it significantly increases the probability that when the situation comes along in real-time, you will handle it much better.

#3 Be Brave and Bold for the Ones Who Depend on You

Courage is not just something for your benefit. Think about those that depend on you, and look up to you for guidance.  How you react and deal with difficult situations defines you as a leader.  Be strong for them, especially when they need you the most.  Allow them to draw upon your strength and positivity.  In a world full of fear and uncertainty, your decision to be brave and bold is in your control.

#4 Shift Your Mindset to Choose Courage Over Fear

Choosing courage over fear can be a hard lesson to learn and it will ultimately be something that you struggle with throughout your life. Approaching it in the right way is key. Stop limiting yourself and your success by allowing fear to put up roadblocks in your journey to success. Instead break them down with understanding, clarity, and a shift in mindset.



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