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How to Invest in Your Relationships: 5 Ways to Really Show You Love and Care

Our relationships with our team members are the most important component in building a great company and a great culture.  Loving them and INVESTing in our relationships with them demonstrates how much we care.  When our team knows that we love and care for them, they will be more willing to give their best and bring their true authentic selves to work each day.

#1 Take Time Every Day to Show Appreciation

RDI has a fast-paced working environment where things are constantly in a state of change.  National Employee Appreciation Day is not the only day we take time to show our love.  It is however a reminder for all of us how important it is to take the time each and every day to show our appreciation.  While the BBQs and prize giveaways are a great way to show our love, our relationships are still the key.

#2 Invest Time in Relationships

The easiest way to build those relationships is to INVEST the time.  Building long-lasting, meaningful relationships take time just like anything else worth INVESTing in.  Making time for someone can have a greater IMPACT in building a relationship than any physical rewards.  It shows that we are committed to them and value them. 

#3 Listen with Your Heart and Ears

While you are INVESTing the time, it is important to make sure that you are listening with your heart as well as your ears.  Empathy is the key.  Be in the moment, free from distraction, and focus on the conversation.  You need to make sure that our team members know you care by actively listening.  You may miss key pieces of information if you don’t.  Being physically present is not enough.

 #4 Building Trust is the Foundation to Good Relationships

When you are INVESTing the time and really listening, you are building trust which is as most of you know, is the foundation to any good relationship.  When our team members begin to trust us, they will feel more comfortable and willing to open up.  It is important that you continue to reINVEST at this point by lifting them up with recognition and appreciation.  The biggest difference from recognition you may have done in the past is that it is more meaningful because of the stronger connection.

#5 Find Ways to Bring Out the Best

When you love someone, you want nothing but the best for them.  You are INVESTed in their success and happiness.  Our culture is focused on finding ways to bring out the best in our team members to reach their potential.  When we show our love genuinely, and often, we are helping each of them and RDI shine.



Bronson Trebbi

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