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How to Have The Human Touch With Leadership

The idea of a Serve-First Mindset is not something that RDI came up with to make our website look good or to make us look better to clients.  It is in our DNA.  The blend of caring for people and driving for better business outcomes goes hand-in-hand at RDI.  It is about keeping our eye on our business goals without losing sight of the Human Touch with leadership.

Serve-First Mindset

The idea of serving can be difficult because when some leaders hear serve, they think subservient.  They may think that a Serve-First Mindset reflects that they are weak or allow others to walk all over them.  RDI’s definition of serving is the complete opposite, however, it is still something many emerging leaders struggle with.  A Serve-First Mindset is about responsibility for those in our care.

Relationships Matter

Relationships really matter. They are not optional or a ‘take it or leave it’ scenario. They are a fundamental driver of our ability to attract, engage and retain top talent.  Above and beyond knowing our team members’ strengths, weaknesses, and technical abilities, we need to connect with our team on a personal level.

Caring Leaders Have The Human Touch

This is where the Human Touch comes in.  Spending time with our team members and showing interest in their lives is an important aspect. This involves a degree of vulnerability on our part. Digging deeper and working towards a greater understanding of their life experience strengthens our bond.  Employees want to know that their leader cares.

Be Present

Relationships are much stronger when people are informed and feel they are being heard.  Being present makes a big difference.  As leaders, we are expected to set a good example by being interested, available, and involved with our team.

The Human Touch

People need to know what matters most to their leaders.  We need to show our team by our actions that leading is serving. Look for every opportunity to show them how important they are to our organization by never forgetting the Human Touch.



Bronson Trebbi

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