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Winning Smart with Change – 5 Tips to Focus on Solutions Every Day

Nothing stays the same.  Change is all around us. We all face change every day.  Change comes in both expected and unexpected ways.  The unexpected can show up at any time.  We cannot let it slow us down or stop us.  We have to see past the change and remember that we have conquered change time and time again.  At RDI, it is what we do.

#1 Sometimes We Win with Change; Sometimes We Learn

It is inevitable that we will experience a continuous combination of large and small challenges in our life.  They are unavoidable.  Sometimes we win; sometimes we learn.  It is important to remember that we can always find something good and beneficial from change.  It is about having the right mindset and looking for the positive aspects of any change.  Real pros keep their attitude optimistic and confident.

“Things do not change; we change.” – Henry David Thoreau

#2 Focus on Solutions

Change can paralyze some who get caught up in searching for blame and complaining when confronted with change.  We can’t waste time worrying or complaining about change.  We won’t get that time back.  When we push worry aside and focus on solutions, new ideas can show up.  Then we start Winning Smart.

#3 Look For the Next Right Answer

Even though change is inevitable it may not be desirable.  It takes energy to resist change.  Instead of fighting for a past that doesn’t serve us, look for the next right answer.  We can never go back to how we did business yesterday.  Our growth mindset is our competitive advantage in not only dealing with change but also thriving through it.

#4 Continue to Evolve

This past year has seen more change thrown at us than ever before.  RDI has thrived because we embraced that change, and continued to evolve our business in a way we never thought possible.  When we consider that we’ve been creating powerful change (a change that means we never do something the same way again), it should fill us with a sense of pride.

#5 Winning Smart with Change through Calmness, Clarity & Quiet Confidence

Winning Smart with change simply means that we have the capacity to deal effectively with a rapidly changing world.  At every level of our business, it will be our ability to perform with calmness, clarity, and quiet confidence that mark us as experts in change, and continue to help RDI grow.



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