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The One Thing You Can Control Right Now: Yourself

Even without a pandemic in the mix, life can be pretty complicated. Although most of us have plenty to manage in our day-to-day lives — jobs, relationships, family, exercise, sleep — there are only a few elements we can truly control.

“Life has two rules: Number 1, never quit! Number 2, always remember rule number one.” —Duke Ellington


You Can Control Yourself

The one thing that you can all control is yourselves.

Control Your Emotions, Attention, and Behavior

Many people are finding it harder to maintain their self-control.  When we’re under extreme stress, our brain works overtime to regulate our emotions, attention, and behavior. At the same time, we have more distractions, fewer options for stress relief and poorer sleep. All this taxes our mental resources, depleting our ability to stay motivated.

“You can think of self-control as bandwidth,” says Angela Duckworth, author of GRIT. “And right now, it’s divided.”

During the pandemic, lack of self-control includes:

  • Bingeing Netflix for hours instead of doing our work
  • Letting our emotions get the best of us and snapping at loved ones (or strangers)
  • Endlessly scrolling the news

Thrive in the Journey & Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead

The only thing that can beat us right now is ourselves.  We have come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic.  We have not just survived, but thrived.  Don’t let up now and take your eyes off of the road ahead.

Focus on Goals & Helping Those in Need

Now is the time to regain our focus and continue to finish 2020 strong.  We’re all busier than ever, but we need to ask ourselves if we’re still focused on the right things to reach our individual and professional goals.  Look out for each other, and continue to lift up those that need help.

Winning Smart Starts with You Thinking of Long-term Goals

We need to shift from ‘crisis mode’ and stop blindly reacting.  It is time to start responding with long-term growth.  Many businesses are still in the ‘solve the present’ mindset when they should be using this unique time to rethink and transform.  That is how RDI can focus on Winning Smart in 2020 and into the future.



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