RDI Corporation blog - 4 ways to hustle at work to deliver a win for the team

4 Ways to Hustle at Work to Deliver a Win for the Team

If a company is not able to pivot and adapt quickly, it will not be in business very long. We all need to HUSTLE to keep up with change, but also stay ahead of the competition to deliver a win for the team. RDI’s ability to HUSTLE is driven by the strong foundation that we have built with our ELL Well Culture – Earn Well, Learn Well and Live Well!

Work Quickly, Seamlessly & Cohesively

It’s more than just moving quickly.  We can’t confuse motion for action.  The sense of urgency that RDIers exhibit is driven by a connection to our organization’s goals and a shared commitment to our culture.  Without these two underlying factors firmly in place, we would just be spinning our wheels and not going anywhere.  HUSTLE stems from our ability to work quickly, seamlessly, and cohesively.

HUSTLE = We hustle; acting with a sense of urgency to knock down obstacles and deliver a win for the team. Give your all to the cause.

Learning & Development

At RDI we are able to do business better, faster, and smarter because we work together to avoid obstacles that can sidetrack, slow down and stall other companies who are less prepared.  Our INVESTment in Learning & Development is a key differentiator.  We act with urgency in the classroom before we ever set foot on the production floor.  Our preparation increases our chances of securing the win for the team.

Proactive, Decisive Leadership

Leadership is another important factor that drives HUSTLE.  For RDI to continue to recognize HUSTLE as a core value to life, we need proactive, decisive leadership at every level.  Without strong leaders in place setting the tempo and leading by example, our team can just as quickly lose drive and focus.  Leaders are the fuel that makes RDI run and should use their privilege to lead rather than claim personal advantages and benefits.  Leadership is a right to more, not less.

Hustle Boosts Morale, Production & Efficiency

The future is now, and RDI is always ready to take on any challenge.  HUSTLE is a big part of our culture because we embrace the excitement it generates to boost morale, production, and efficiency.  HUSTLE doesn’t just happen – it requires work upfront.  For RDI to continue to be successful, we must continue to engage and connect with our team.  HUSTLE is as much about mindset as it is timing.


Bronson Trebbi

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