RDI Corporation blog - 5 Ways to Value and Invest in Your Team for an Inclusive Culture

5 Ways to Value and Invest in Your Team for an Inclusive Culture

RDI is a special place driven by our inclusive culture.  Building and investing an amazing culture does not happen by throwing some motivational posters on a wall or posting engaging content online.  It comes down to building relationships and getting buy-in at every level. Invest in your team members and they will embrace your culture and bring your values to life.

#1 Genuinely Care for Team Members

It starts with genuine care for our team members.  We can’t say all the right things on a call and have our actions reflect the opposite.  Nothing is more transparent or demotivating.  If we care about each of our people, we can cultivate the right culture that leads to team continuity and, as a result, a stronger company.

#2 Invest in Relationships

We need to INVEST in our relationships to create buy-in.  Simply put, if we buy-in to them, then they will buy-in to us.  We are not talking about checking a box or scorecard.  We are talking about meaningful interactions.  Team members who are INVESTed in RDI are also an advantage in another key way: they weather change.

#3 Be Approachable

Another key to having team members bought-in is to be approachable. Let our team members know that they can come in and talk with us any time they have questions, concerns, or ideas of their own. By being approachable, we show them that we’re not trying to force a culture on them; rather, we’re trying to build a culture with them.

 #4 Establish SMART Goals

Working with team members to establish SMART Goals is another way to strengthen connections.  This creates an open dialogue to something that will positively IMPACT their life.  Help them lean in.  Allow them to determine how they’re going to reach their goal, and be there to support them. This provides both a sense of purpose, but also a sense of ownership.

#5  Plan & Invest in Social Activities

Another way to create buy-in is to make sure we’re organizing opportunities for the team to get together and socialize whether it be virtual or with social distance. Ensure that planned activities are inclusive and don’t demonstrate privilege.  Having some time together to bond, outside the work environment, helps build team unity and enthusiasm for our inclusive culture we’re making together.


Nothing is more motivating for a team member than knowing they have a leader who legitimately cares about and values them.  INVESTed employees who are bought-in stick around longer, work harder and ultimately build more value for RDI. It’s an INVESTment we can’t afford not to make.



Bronson Trebbi

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