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People Want Coaches, Not Managers

Leading in today’s changing environment can be difficult for many leaders.  We are constantly being asked to do more with our time and resources.  The competitive advantage we have at RDI is that our most valuable resources are our people and the culture that we create.  In this culture, we need to understand that people want coaches, not managers.

What is the difference between Managers, Mentors & Coaches?

We cannot confuse coaching with managing or mentoring.  Managing is task-oriented blocking and tackling.  Mentoring is a deeper connection that really strengthens individual relationships.  Both are necessary to lead.  Coaching, however, is a targeted approach to gain specific skills needed to grow and develop.


An example of coaching is problem-solving.  The shift in today’s world for leaders is not to solve problems, but rather to make sure that problems get solved.  We should coach our team members to THINK when presented with any problem.  This can be a great development tool.

4 Coaching Profiles

At RDI, we can identify 4 distinct coaching profiles that our leaders use to coach:

  1. The Energizer
    These coaches are a never-ending source of positive energy.  They focus on the mood of the team and the individuals and implement activities to keep morale high.
  2. The Developer
    These coaches take team members under their wings and have an active role in their learning journey.  This relationship is driven by one-on-one engagement.
  3. The Encourager
    These coaches have a hands-off approach allowing the team member to focus on their own development. They reinforce the journey with positive feedback.
  4. The Connector
    These coaches focus on expanding the network, experience, and development of their team members.  Their coaching style is focused on exposing the team members to others’ strengths giving the team member a subject matter expert’s experience.

Coaches Serve

If we adopt a coaching mindset for situational skill-building and development, we utilize each of our strengths to positively IMPACT a greater number of people.  When we focus on connecting others rather than controlling them, we broaden their development and experience.  We all have a unique set of skills and passion to SERVE.  Focus on coaching more, because that is what our people need, and want.


Bronson Trebbi

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