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    Winning Smart

    Since 1978

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[ RDI: Strategic, Flexible and Customized Solution ]

Since 1978 we have been winning for our clients every day, every call, every interaction - we'll show you our track record and game scores that prove it.

We tailor our programs and activities to fit perfectly with clients' needs, operations and expectations.

We don't have rigid requirements or structures that prevent your program from success.

The motto "Winning Smart" represents an unmatched combination of knowledge and passion you will notice in every member of our team.

[ History ]

In 1978, RDI was originally established as "Research Data Incorporated" to provide advanced research and analytical support to consumer goods companies.

Today, RDI Corporation consists of four distinct divisions closely integrated to cover the spectrum of customer service & sales, market research, digital strategy & design, and technical support. Our organization consists of responsive experienced professionals from a broad range of backgrounds, all commonly bonded by the spirit of winning.

RDI functions as the service provider for many discerning Fortune 500 companies. RDI earns the respect and trust of each client by vigorously evaluating the work we carry out for them.

We adapt our work when complications arise and resolve issues proactively. RDI does what others strive for: high value service in a cost contained enviorment.


RDI's culture is centered around the explosive synergy produced by joining finely trained personnel with cutting edge tools, technology and thinking.

[ Our Team ]

We have built a company based on the continued growth of our valued employees. "Better Every Day" requires taking steps to improve, grow and be stronger.

Our teams are staffed with seasoned project managers, trainers, quality assurance personnel, and IT Developers. The RDI team works with clients to customize a program to meet their goals. Teams are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of achievement. We drive innovation and demand excellence from our teams.

[ Some Key Players ]

RDI prides itself on providing clients with highly experienced professionals.

In our industry, passionate, intelligent people really do make the difference. That's WINNING SMART.

    Bronson Trebbi

    CEO / COO

    Dave Reiss

    SVP, Client Development

    Dave Barker

    VP, Telephony Systems

    Matt Dowd

    SVP, Call Center Operations

    Ron Swogger

    VP, Partner Strategy

    Josh Viel

    VP, Client Development

    Andy McCarthy

    Director of Culture


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