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7 Ways to Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

As leaders, we have a lot of responsibilities.  We work in a fast-paced environment where we are always on the go.  It is easy to get responsibilities and tasks confused.  At RDI’s core, a leader’s responsibility is to help our team members unlock their full potential.  If we can accomplish this, business results will take care of themselves.

Let’s take a look at how the great Hall of Fame Coach, Tony Dungy, was able to help those he led to reach their full potential.  He emphasized that throughout his process, it is essential to encourage, empower, and energize in order to finally elevate the people around him.  His 7 E’s align with RDI’s culture of Winning Smart.

#1 Engage

Relationships are the key to engaged employees.  The best leaders build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with those in their care.  The genuine care from these relationships transforms the work and creates engagement.


#2 Educate

Learn Well is key to unlocking our ability to Live Well.  Our Learning & Development team is always working behind and in front of the scenes to create and facilitate engaging opportunities for us.  This where a growth mindset is key.


#3 Equip

Chuck Noll said, “Our job as a coaching staff is to show you what to do and how to do it. Your job as players is to do it consistently.” To accomplish our goals, we have to have all the tools to do the job.  Preparation is the key for our team members to develop and grow.  As leaders, we have to ensure that the environment and tools are available for them.


#4 Encourage

As leaders, we often play the role of encourager and cheerleader.  Our fuel to lead our team comes in the form of happiness and positivity.  The supporting environment we create provides the psychological safety so many of us need.


#5 Empower

After we have engaged, educated, equipped, and encouraged, there comes a time when our team takes all that we have given them and heads out on their own.  Empowering our team is about building confidence knowing that we can apply THINK to any problem we come across.  Our preparation is what drives our empowerment.


#6 Energize

“Great leaders energize and inspire those they lead. Even as they face their own daily struggles and stresses, leaders look for ways to energize and motivate the people around them,” according to Tony Dungy. Energy is not an unlimited resource.  It is up to leaders to keep the energy high and lead the way.


#7 Elevate

As we spoke about at the beginning, our role as leaders to help our team members reach their full potential.  To do that requires us to lift up our team and show them what can be possible.  Leaders lean in and help their team continue to Leave It Better each and every day.


As we always say, success does not happen accidentally.  It takes hard work and commitment to achieve individual and professional goals.  Through Tony Dungy’s 7 E’s we can identify the steps to help our team reach their full potential.  Winning Smart is accomplished by everyone working together as a team to drive our inclusive culture to new heights.


Bronson Trebbi

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