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Show Up with Purpose: Being the Best You Can Be

Woody Allen has been quoted for saying, “80% of success really is just showing up”. Not everyone is a risk-taker.  Playing it “safe” is a sensible response.  Yet playing it too safe comes with its own risks. At RDI, we navigate the uncertainty of our path and purpose ahead in ways that minimize the ongoing fallout.  It requires all of us to keep fear in check and rethink risk beyond its usual parameters.  We have to find our rhythm and continue to hammer out a new normal.

Lead with Purpose

We have to lead with purpose.  A Purpose Driven Leader takes care of those in his/her charge – with more calm and courage, less panic, and fear.

 Be the Best You Can Be

For us to move forward, we all have to be at our best.  Being the best you can take courage.  If you want to feel confident that you always do your best, and know that your best is good enough, you need to commit to doing the right thing.  Doing the right thing for you means deciding to do what most clearly reflects your sense of integrity, drives your performance, and is consistent with our values: THINK, HUSTLE, GRIT, SERVE and IMPACT

Live with Purpose

Being the best you can be means living with purpose.  This doesn’t mean being foolish or making reckless decisions.  When you are courageous in your decision making, you are honest with yourself about all the risks and potential consequences.  You consider your values and priorities and know that once you have made up your mind, regardless of what the future holds, you will never look back.

Own Your Decisions

So many people cruise through life taking the easy option.  I’m not saying that to be your best you should always take the hard road.  Currently, that is the hand we are dealt with.  Sometimes it will be easy, sometimes it will be tough and the majority of the time it will be somewhere in the middle.  What matters now is that you have the courage to own the decisions you need to make and are then brave enough to see them through.  Remember, we are all in this fight together.

Focus on What You Can Do

The next time you find yourself worrying or stressed about things out of your control, remind yourself that fortune favors the bold.  Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do.  Be brave, and know that you have the power to make a positive IMPACT.


Bronson Trebbi

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